Woman enjoying PowderRain under Rainfinity shoulder shower.


Rainfinity showers pamper with microfine PowderRain: tiny droplets that are good for the body, mind, and soul. Design fans appreciate the elegant shapes, integrated shelves, and appealing color palette. Whether a matte black hand shower, a shoulder shower in Brushed Bronze, or a complete shower system (shower pipe) in Matte White: Rainfinity sets exciting accents in the bathroom.More about Rainfinity

Rainfinity with PowderRain: Standing in the rain has never been sweeter

Turn your daily shower into a special treat: let thousands of drops from the PowderRain spray mode envelop you in a cloak of wellbeing. The wonderful part: PowderRain comes bubbling out of all Rainfinity showers.

  • The Select hand showers inspire with three spray modes (PowderRain, Intense PowderRain, and MonoRain). At a diameter of 130 mm, we’ve made them nice and wide.
  • The puristic, geometric manual shower pampers with PowderRain.
  • The XXL overhead shower wets your body from head to toe with microdroplets, while also featuring a tilting wall connection that does away with the shower arm.
  • Even the shoulder shower delivers a gentle rain shower, keeping your face and hair dry. The innovative shower can refresh, perhaps after a sauna, or relax, before going to bed, for example. At the same time, it functions as a comfortable support.
  • The shower pipe combines two PowderRain showers and other components in an “all-in-one” shower system. 

hansgrohe wishes you limitless relaxation!

Create individual accents with attractive colors

With high-quality FinishPlus surfaces, you can create individual accents in your bathroom. In addition to Chrome, Rainfinity products are available in Matte White and Matte Black, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Black Chrome, and Polished Gold Optic. When all the components in the shower and at the sink come from the same color world, your bathroom design will be coherent and stylish from A to Z.

Rainfinity shower variety at the highest level

With this shower line you get bathroom design in absolute premium quality. You will enjoy all-round showering comfort with the best materials available. Rainfinity is celebrated as a trendsetter in minimalist design and a new design archetype in the bathroom. No other hansgrohe product series has been crowned with so many design awards: iF GOLD AWARD, Red Dot: Best of the Best, Iconic Award: Innovative Architecture (Best of the Best) and Iconic Award: Innovative Interior (Best of the Best).

Shower pipe: Quick to install on existing connections

The easiest way to bring unique Rainfinity shower experiences with PowderRain into your bathroom is the shower pipe, which gets you a larger or smaller overhead shower, hand shower, plus thermostat. Choose from Matte White, Matte Black, and Chrome design options. The simple elegance of the flat bar profile will delight you. The matte or mirrored thermostat made of safety glass harmonizes with the showers. Integrated shelves provide more storage space. Don’t worry, no costly renovation is required with this gem: The exposed installation shower system comes as an “all-in-one” solution and is easily mounted on existing water connections.

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Perfect complement to Rainfinity

Finoris controls your wellness shower

Looking for a shower control for Rainfinity? The tasteful Finoris faucets will match your pampering showers in style and color. For an all-round perfect dream bathroom.

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