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Xarita Lite

What do I want to experience today? How can I be good to myself? Starting the morning by looking in the mirror to reflect on your thoughts and feelings can have a positive impact on your whole day. Xarita Lite shows you your reflection in the most beautiful way, and the design blends harmoniously into your personal wash place. Even the price will put you in good spirits!View Products

Xarita Lite S and Q: Your daily mood-booster

Xarita Lite LED mirrors always show you in the best light

Why should you settle for a standard mirror, when you could be enjoying Xarita Lite for a feel-good lighting experience that boosts your happiness and confidence? The light is directed toward your face to provide a harmonious, natural color rendering. Whether in Round (S) or SoftCube (Q) with rounded corners, the LED bathroom mirrors blend harmoniously into your unique wash place design. The energy-efficient hansgrohe products add radiance and beauty to even the smallest of bathrooms. Whether you prefer a dark or light frame, Xarita Lite will brighten up your bathroom routine, day after day. 

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Become your biggest cheerleader with Xarita

Our LED mirrors provide you with timelessly beautiful, high-quality products at an attractive price. And they will always put you in the nicest light. Find the perfect mirror for your oasis of wellbeing now. 

Xarita Lite sizes and designs

The Round bathroom mirror is available in a diameter of 700 or 900 mm. The circular light allows you to enjoy direct lighting for all wash place routines.
The SoftCube bathroom mirror is available in widths of 500 to 1,200 mm. In this linear shape, it provides direct lighting either horizontally or vertically (on the right/left) for a seamless lighting effect. A version with horizontal lighting is also available in a 360 mm width – perfect for wash basins in guest bathrooms. 
Matte White or Matte Black? Both mirror designs come with a high-quality frame in an elegant FinishPlus finish.

Our award-winning design partner Phoenix Design created Xarita Lite for hansgrohe. Each design version is available in two control modes.

How would you like to operate your Xarita Lite mirror?

You can activate the LED lighting using the wall switch (not included) or switch it on and off via a contactless infrared sensor. For the sensor-controlled operating mode: Simply hold your hand under the mirror’s frame. If you hold it here for longer, it will activate the dimming function for a different lighting effect. The defog system can also be started in this way. Xarita mirrors feature an auto-off function and a memory function for your favorite lighting.  

Xarita Lite reflects your desire for quality

Whether in the black or white frame, hansgrohe mirrors are a great choice. Because a lot of research and attention to detail went into Xarita Lite to ensure it has many economical features:

  • At around 36,000 hours, the LEDs have an impressive lifetime and are rated as energy efficiency class C – the best for saving energy.
  • In the model with infrared sensor, an auto-off function prevents the light and defog system from remaining on unnecessarily – in case you ever forget to deactivate them.  
  • The mirror glass is made of 100 % recyclable and long-lasting materials.
  • The mirror meets the requirements of the IP44 splashproof rating for safety and long-lasting satisfaction when used correctly. 
  • Replaceable components, such as the illuminants, power supply unit, and infrared sensor, ensure that you just swap out the individual parts if repairs are ever required.

Do you want holistic design in your bathroom?

Xarita Lite is part of a harmonious design concept, so you can combine your bathroom mirror with matching products and furniture from hansgrohe.

  • For example, the Q mirrors perfectly complement Xanuia Q or Xelu Q wash basins.
  • The organic shape of the S mirrors finds a friend in round-shaped toilets, such as some of the EluPura Original models.
  • You can confidently and stylishly combine a mirror with a Matte Black frame with faucets, showers, and accessories in the same FinishPlus surface finish. The same goes for Matte White.
  • Xarita Lite looks great alongside lavatory faucets such as Rebris, Vernis, Logis, and Focus.
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