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Storage space for your dream bathroom

XtraStoris practical wall niches

They are a clever storage solution and allow more room to move in the shower. XtraStoris wall niches are the perfect fit for high-quality bathroom and shower design.

Accessible showering comfort 

RainDrain for all bathrooms

A floor-level shower is the highlight in your dream bathroom. Your showering comfort knows no limits with RainDrain shower channels. The high-quality drain systems fit in all bathrooms.

You can find well designed drainage technology for your dream bathroom here. hansgrohe shower drains and floor drains add the stylish finishing touches to the floor-level shower. hansgrohe shower drains also blend in harmoniously in unique bathroom design.

hansgrohe shower drains for your bathroom

Which siphons are suitable for your shower? hansgrohe drainage systems are suitable for all installation situations and give you the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you wish. With FinishPlus surface finishes, you can make harmonious combinations in your style world. hansgrohe quality ensures that your shower channel drain is forever leak-proof and easy to install and clean. 

The shower channel - great performance in design and capacity

The design of our shower channels and floor drains for the shower is timeless, harmonizing perfectly with hansgrohe faucets and showers. With the wide selection of drain kits, you can complete your shower from a literal single source. Simply choose the RainDrain floor-level shower channel, with a surface and design to match your solution and your bathroom’s style.

Do you love an XXL overhead shower or a shower system with a high flow rate? Generous feel-good showers require powerful drains, especially in floor-level showers. The innovative Dryphon drain technology is available for shower channels, with a capacity of up to 60 l/min. One positive side effect: The “fast water” reliably rinses away soap residue and dirt. For all-round, carefree showering pleasure.

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