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Showing our fun side at Europa-Park: hansgrohe goes Nordic and reveals its playful side

We love water and want to transform the natural element into a fun experience for all. There are two worlds where visitors can experience fun and insightful hansgrohe products at Europa-Park near Freiburg: in the Rulantica indoor water world and on Lítill Island – Hansgrohe Water Playground. Water babies of all ages can learn how to be safe and sensible yet still have fun in the water in these two zones.

Rulantica: the Nordic-themed water world for year-round fun

Fun water attractions inspired by Nordic beauty and mythology: The Rulantica indoor water world attracts visitors of all ages with refreshing entertainment, no matter the weather. The 32,600 m2 indoor area makes a mythical realm of Vikings, mermaids and mermen reality. There are lots of lovingly designed attractions to be discovered around the slides, waterfall and beach, including a Viking city on stilts, an adventure playground with a shipwreck and a glacier with several water slides. Visitors wanting a moment of calm can retreat to the lagoon, while everyone else can splash about in the outdoor area. Visitors wanting to enjoy Rulantica to the fullest can stay at the new 4-star superior Hotel Krønasår.

Pure indulgence, even under the shower

Rulantica has something somewhat unexpected for water babies of all ages to discover: the hansgrohe showers, which are fun for all the family. The 3,500+ daily visitors can experience XXL showering indulgence with the PowderRain jet type that gently covers the body, the relaxing RainAir shower rain and the innovative Rainfinity overhead showers. The changing rooms are also bursting with exciting information on our products and innovative jet types.


So much fun to be had in the Hansgrohe Water Playground at Europa Park

Water is an element we know inside-out. We deal with it every day when tinkering with our taps and showers to make them that little bit better. After all, we want our products to make interacting with water a genuinely indulgent experience for people.

We want to teach as many people as possible that water is very special and precious, and it should be used responsibly and sustainably. And that’s precisely what we do on Lítill Island – Hansgrohe Water Playground, the Icelandic-themed children’s water world. Everything revolves around the wet element in this Europa-Park attraction. Water babies of all ages can really let off steam and splash about in the 500 m² water world featuring slides, pumps and climbing frames designed in collaboration with Europa-Park.

Discover the secrets of water 

A Discoverers’ Cave is also the perfect place to learn about the wet element through play. Children are taught how to be sensible and responsible with the vital resource of water in an interactive way, with fun facts sprinkled throughout the water world.

Be inspired by our passion for the element of water. Europa-Park and hansgrohe hope you enjoy your visit to Rulantica water world and Lítill Island – Hansgrohe Water Playground. Please visit the Europa-Park website for important information on opening hours and ticket prices.
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