hansgrohe Xelu Q furniture at the wash basin for two.

Bathroom Furniture

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hansgrohe bathroom furniture rounds out your dream bathroom with tasteful, highly functional storage solutions. Find a wide selection that suits your needs and blends harmoniously into your bathroom style here. Enjoy sophisticated comfort and benefit from high hansgrohe quality, whether for the family bathroom, single bathroom, or guest bathroom. Our furniture also pairs stylishly with other hansgrohe bathroom products.

Bathroom furniture by hansgrohe: Your personal design highlight

Dreaming of a bathroom that creates a calm and uncluttered ambiance for your everyday routines?

With hansgrohe bathroom furniture, you can enjoy exquisite organization for the many personal items in your bathroom. Choose from a variety of sizes, surfaces, and equipment details. Our range offers you elegant, functional storage solutions for a coordinated bathroom design.

Bathroom furniture for a stylish overall look

With furniture from hansgrohe, you can be sure that everything will fit together perfectly, from vanity units and console solutions to tall and half-tall cabinets. hansgrohe design quality runs throughout, no matter whether you prefer a sophisticated, cubic line like Xevolos E or a harmoniously rounded design language like Xelu Q. You can also find hansgrohe wash basins that perfectly match the vanity units and console solutions.

Get inspired by our selection of surfaces. It’s easy to adapt the furniture fittings to your needs, too.

Functionality meets maximum comfort

hansgrohe bathroom furniture pampers in everyday use with clever technologies and an elegant look. Thanks to the PushOpen function of the Xevolos E line, drawers and cabinet doors open conveniently with a light push. SoftClose gently and quietly returns the drawers to their original position, and is integrated in both the Xelu Q and Xevolos E lines. 

There's also the opportunity to organize your bathroom toiletries and utensil the way you want them. The practical IntraStoris help create and maintain order in the bathroom. Available in various materials, they can be combined, moved, and used as desired.

Enjoy even more comfort and convenience at the vanity unit thanks to the space-saving siphon. The space-saving technology ensures that the upper drawers in the vanity unit don't require a cut-out. This leaves more space for your toiletries and bathroom accessories. Last but not least, you can benefit from the easy-to-clean and moisture-resistant materials of our furniture. If you use our surfaces correctly, you will be able to enjoy the products for a long time to come.

Vanity and furniture in the best light 

Does an overall design with furniture in the bathroom also include beautiful lighting at the mirror? We think so, too. Our hansgrohe bathroom mirrors from the Xarita range offer a selection of different sizes and features to make the perfectly finishing touch to your vanity space and bathe it in atmospheric light.

Quality and sustainability combined

Our bathroom furniture is tested using strict hansgrohe procedures that go far beyond category standards. Responsibility for the environment and sustainability are also part of our production principles. The wooden components used come from forestry that is proven to be sustainable.

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