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With hansgrohe, you are sure to find the right angle valve for your lavatory faucet and kitchen faucet. The little valve is also used to supply clean water to the flushing tank and bidet. Our high-tech and high-quality models ensure the connection is reliable at the tapping point, for example at the mixer faucet and for the pipe installation and hot water supply. When renovating or installing a replacement, the inconspicuous fittings remain unchanged, while the consumers (e.g., the mixer or faucet) can be simply removed.

Angle valves for kitchens, wash basins, and co.

Standard 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch connections 

hansgrohe uses the standard 1/2-inch wall connection. This measurement refers to the thread diameter for the water pipe’s wall connection. The second standard value, 3/8 inches, is important for the tapping point connection. All hansgrohe bathroom and kitchen faucets can be effortlessly connected to this thread.  

Replacing an angle valve

If a replacement is necessary or desired, make sure you shut off the water pipe. As angle valves are usually installed as pairs, please check which inlet (hot or cold water) needs to be shut off before you start. 

  • Shut off the water pipe and allow the pressure to escape by turning on the faucet once the pipe has been shut off. In most cases, residual water will drip into the basin. 
  • Unscrew the angle valve counterclockwise 
  • Apply thread sealing paste (e.g., Fermit) to the rubber seal on the new valve and screw it on in a clockwise direction
  • Connect the hose or the faucet’s solid pipe to the connection
  • Turn on the water supply and check the faucet is working

Take a moment to loosen and retighten the connections once a year to ensure the threads function at their best. 

hansgrohe angle valves in various designs

hansgrohe offers valves with a visible round handle and a model with a slipcase on the front. The design with a cover is perfectly suitable for visible installation in the bathroom. So you can make the space under the wash basin look tasteful. In the kitchen, the connections are usually hidden away in the cabinet under the sink. The version with the slipcase stylishly covers the handle. The chrome-plated slipcase can be easily removed whenever needed. hansgrohe also offers a solution with a fine filter.

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