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Woman drinking water from the sink with Aqittura M91 faucet.
Sparkling, medium, or still and chilled

Aqittura M91: Water tailored to every taste

With Aqittura M91 you get a taste for water. This exclusive faucet system serves you your table water the way you like it best: filtered and optimized, optionally treated with minerals, sparkling and cooled on request. Refined drinking water now comes out of the faucet! No more inconvenient transport of water bottles: this way, the integrated system also protects the environment. 

Find the system that suits you

Aqittura M91 SodaSystem in Matte Black.
hansgrohe kitchen innovation with impressive functionality: water for every taste, filtered and mineralized, cooled and digitally networked for even more convenience. Pictured: Aqittura M91 SodaSystem.

Aqittura M91 puts an end to compromise when it comes to drinking water and strikes a balance between taste and key ingredients

  • Aqittura M91 FilterSystem filters the water and has the innovative mineralization technology MINTEC®, which removes pollutants from tap water and enriches it with important minerals.
  • Aqittura M91 SodaSystem comes equipped with the SodaBase, offering chilled and carbonated soda water, in addition to the filter and mineralization unit. The system can also be controlled via the hansgrohe home app.

The multi-functional hansgrohe kitchen faucet serves optimized water on the faucet spout. In addition to innovative technologies, the Aqittura M91 also offers a visual highlight: The kitchen faucet is available in two design variants, with a stylish round arch or in a linear design. Choose between three color finishes in each case: Matte Black, Chrome, or Stainless Steel Look.

SodaBase – The heart of the Aqittura M91 SodaSystem

The SodaBase represents the sophisticated functionality of the system. The centerpiece of the Aqittura M91 SodaSystem integrates the carbonation cartridge on the one hand, and the desired cartridge for filtration and refinement, the intermediate storage for treated water, and the cooling unit on the other. 

The SodaBase at a glance:

SodaBase with cartridges in the kitchen base cabinet.
Convenient replacement of the CO2 cylinder. The integrated universal thread for the flask can be pivoted and makes loosening or screwing in very easy.

  • Installation: Easy to place in the sink base cabinet or nearby. If necessary, the extension set is available up to 5 m. The SodaBase is connected to a power socket.
  • Connection: Universal thread for commercially available CO² cylinders. A hansgrohe connection is provided for the filter/mineralization cartridge. Very easy to replace.
  • Operation: The SodaBase provides up to 2 l/min of cooled, optionally sparkling water. Within 10 minutes, the water in the reservoir is cooled to the desired temperature (4–12 degrees Celsius).
  • Maintenance: In the event of a leak, a water inflow sensor cuts off the water supply and notifies you via the hansgrohe home app and with an LED display.

By the way: If you choose the Aqittura M91 FilterSystem, only the filter head with the cartridge needs to be mounted in the base cabinet. This can be done flexibly, depending on the situation: free-standing or vertically on the wall.

Minerals are essential for a balanced lifestyle

Woman drinking water from a glass at a desk.
hansgrohe’s new kitchen innovation impresses with water for every taste, filtered and refined. MINTEC® filter and mineralization technology optimizes your water just the way you want it.

You probably know that certain minerals in drinking water are essential. Our body needs them for many functions, such as supple muscles, bone formation, and the nervous system. You can improve your personal water balance with key mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. Choose between these hansgrohe filters:

  • Harmony contains magnesium and potassium, and enhances drinking pleasure regardless of water hardness.
  • Life is perfect for compensating for the low calcium levels in areas with particularly soft water. In addition, magnesium and potassium refines the drinking water.
  • Sport is a mineralizing filter that balances the minerals that athletes and fitness enthusiasts lose through sweating - including magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

The minerals come from European salt rock and are finely tuned in their dosage (MINTEC® mineralization technology). All filters also contain activated carbon, so you can enjoy your tap water worry-free. These innovative products are manufactured by our partner ClaroSwiss and are Made in Switzerland.

Additional activated carbon filters, optionally with ion exchangers, are also available. They ensure improved water quality and reduce the lime content if required.

Which filter is right for you? Find out in our guide.

hansgrohe home app makes the Aqittura M91 smart

Woman operating hansgrohe home app on her smartphone.
Enjoy all the benefits of the Aqittura M91 with the free hansgrohe home app, any time and anywhere.

With the premium Aqittura M91 SodaSystem solution, you can use all the digital possibilities of our kitchen innovation. In the hansgrohe home app, you can operate the smart kitchen faucet from anywhere and enjoy a wide of variety of convenient features.

  • Fill level. hansgrohe home app displays the fill levels for the filtration and CO2 cartridges and notifies users before a replacement is required.
  • It can also send notifications in the event of a malfunction.
  • Learn more. The app includes operating instructions.

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