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Stainless steel kitchen sinks: more choice for all kitchen interiors

hansgrohe is expanding its choice of sinks to create an attractive range for renovators and DIY novices. The new sinks in the S41 range are made of long-lasting stainless steel and will fit even the smallest base units – with or without a draining board – to increase the amount of choice. Good to know: The robust stainless steel sinks matched with the kitchen taps from our Focus M41 and Focus M42 ranges form a harmonious overall solution for the core of the kitchen.


A safe bet in any kitchen

Do you want a new kitchen sink that you will still love years down the line? The new S41 range is made of high-quality stainless steel and fits all conventional base units. It completes the look of the most frequently used area of the kitchen in solid brand quality. The built-in reinforced material adds additional safety: In a triangular shape, it ensures that the kitchen tap sits nicely and reliably performs all everyday tasks.

The new range is delightfully open to fulfilling various worktop requirements: The S41 can be fitted onto or integrated flush with the worktop and the draining board can be placed to the left or right.

The new stainless steel sink fits many built-in kitchenettes.
A dependable solution without annoying corners and edges: The S41 stainless steel sink suits a broad range of kitchens and fits even the smallest base units.

The S41 – your ally in stainless steel

The harmoniously rounded stainless steel design comes in three widths and is a versatile feature in the modern kitchen. Depending on the model, it can be installed in base units with widths of 45 to 60 cm or more. Whether you need a single basin sink, a draining board or a double solution with a strainer bowl, the S41 range has the right option for your kitchen design and cooking habits. There is an indulgent choice of sinks that incorporate ergonomics, with delightfully compact measurements that leave enough room for convenient workflows. The rounded minimalist design makes your sink easy to clean. 

The waste set is always included in the package. If the kitchen tap hole is pre-drilled, it will come with the automatic waste set. If there are no pre-drilled holes, it will be delivered with the manual waste set.
  • The S41 single basin variant is available for base units with conventional widths of 45, 50 and 60 cm. 
  • The S41 single basin variant, with the draining board positioned on the left or right to suit on your habits and kitchen scenario, is optimised for use with standard 45, 50 or 60 cm base units. 
  • The S41 double basin variant with draining board on the left or right is designed for the 60 cm wide base unit: The 40 cm sink is paired with a 15 cm wide strainer bowl. This model also comes with the choice of automatic or manual waste set. 
The S41 stainless steel sink is a solution you can rely on. Each variant from the versatile range is made in Germany in solid quality.
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