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Elegant bathroom with clear design for greater spatial effect

Elegant bathroom design creates a spacious atmosphere in rooms with a narrow floor plan. Pastel-colored floor and wall tiles and mirrored surfaces have a stretching effect. When daylight streams in, the result is a bright and friendly interior. Linear furnishings and functional faucets in chrome emphasize the clean spatial concept.

Elegant bathroom on a narrow floor plan with mirrored wall.
Bathroom ideas for narrow spaces

Elegant design with clean lines in the contemporary bathroom

Do you like living in modern architecture, and want to create an elegant bathroom with a clear design on a narrow floor plan? Then use color combinations in pastel shades and linear shapes to support the spatial effect. A large mirrored wall opposite the window absorbs daylight and enhances its effect. Light, large-scale tiles emphasize the airy atmosphere and form the foundation for a functional interior. A wall in dark gray provides an exquisite contrast in the vanishing point of the room. The design of the bath tub’s surroundings in the same shade supports the elegant interplay between light and dark. Near the window, a large green plant, along with a filigree seat, provides a homey accent.

Intelligent technology for convenient and efficient use of water

Faucets from the hansgrohe Talis line bring exclusive design and unrestricted functionality to the elegant bathroom. At the sink, use an intuitive button (Select) to control the water. The shower set catches the eye with its slim guide rail and large hand shower in sensual white chrome. The modern, water-saving technology ensures convenient showering pleasure and efficient use of resources.

Innovative faucet in an elegant bathroom

In the elegant bathroom, form and functionality create a cohesive unit. The clear design of the Select faucet conceals perfect technology for the modern experience of water.

Faucet with clear design language on the elegant sink.
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