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So sensuous and personal

RainTunes: shower scenarios for the soul

See, hear, smell and feel: We have teamed up with experts to design multisensory scenarios to make your showering experience personal to you. Whether you want to get your morning off to the best start or recover after exercise. Whether you want to freshen up after a day at work or have a chilled evening: RainTunes will surprise you with multisensory experiences.

The shower becomes a sensory experience

All you need is a smartphone and the hansgrohe home app. In one tap, the app loads the selected scenario to the shower and is started by pressing the Play button in the bathroom.

Estilo vanguardista en el baño con amplia zona de ducha.

A new age of bathroom accessories

The world is moving at ever-increasing speeds. Stress levels are soaring, and with them our burning desire for ways to slow down day-to-day life and regain balance. There is a reason why “mindfulness” and “well-being” are the watchwords of our time. The bathroom is evolving into an oasis where we can let go of it all and find ourselves. New digital technology enables us to experience water in a new and profound way. It also helps us to achieve the serenity and balance we so crave. And so the daily shower ritual becomes a very personal experience.

Seven pre-configured shower scenarios for every kind of mood

hansgrohe has launched RainTunes with seven shower scenarios where water, video, sound, light and aroma are combined in harmony. RainTunes transforms showering into an occasional spa treat or a blissful sleep aid. Experience your personal indulgent shower for the perfect start to the morning, to relax after a hard day at work or to soothe muscles and help you recover after exercise. Simply select one of the pre-configured scenarios to suit the time of day and your mood. Your shower will start the selected experience in one tap.

Welcome to the age of sensory showering!

We worked with numerous experts when designing the scenarios. For example, we came up for the concept for the training sequence in close consultation with the BORA-hansgrohe cycling team. Acoustic soundscapes create a harmonic symbiosis with the choreographed water. Fragrances mixed specifically for the scenarios are an added pampering touch. Different sequences of images also play on a video screen for each shower program. And to top it all off, ambient LED lights bathe the entire bathroom in mood lighting. So you can simply plunge into a world of well-being.


These moods, inspired by everyday life, make RainTunes a pleasant and helpful partner for day-to-day challenges:

hansgrohe Mischer mit Sensorelektronik.

Fully free – RainButton

RainButtons are mobile control buttons you can place anywhere in the shower. They regulate jet types, water volume and temperature. Your choices are sent via Bluetooth technology to a central water unit behind the wall, which then does what you tell it to. We have therefore managed to separate the controls from the tap, so you can place the RainButtons anywhere you like in the room. For example, you can place the “Warm-up” button outside of the shower, next to the wash basin or even in the bedroom. Selected shower scenarios can be loaded to the “Play” button via the hansgrohe home app. Then simply press the button and enjoy the multisensory scenario. The Rainfinity digital showers are compatible with the RainButton system.

hansgrohe Mischer mit Sensorelektronik.

RainPad – everything at a glance

The RainPad controls the shower via a permanently installed central control panel. You can also send the shower scenario of your choice to the RainPad via the hansgrohe home app. Tapping the play symbol on the touchscreen will start the shower scenario. Or you can personalise your daily shower ritual: Temperature, water volume and jet type can be set and changed at any time. The RainPad can be combined with all hansgrohe showers

RainScent: hansgrohe shower tabs with sensuous aromas.
hansgrohe RainScent shower tabs transform the shower into a scented sensation. They are vegan and pamper shower users with natural scents.

Shower tabs in five sensuous fragrances – RainScent

Enhance the holistic effect of the scenarios with a matching scent. RainScent shower tabs are available in five aromas: Lavender, Pomegranate, Bergamot, Silver Fir and Rosemary/Citrus. Whether you want to relax, pamper yourself or feel energised: The fragrances are perfectly tailored to the RainTunes shower programs. Insert the tab in the shower tab case and place this on the shower floor. The container looks like the RainButton and has been specially designed for the tabs so that the fragrance disperses evenly. Enjoy the scent of natural essential oils and dive into a thoroughly sensuous shower.
Sensory video on digital showering with hansgrohe.

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