Showering with RainTunes provides sensuous pleasure.
Shower as the whim takes you

RainTunes: Water experiences for all the senses

What can your shower do for you today? Refresh and get you set for the day? Relax you after a workout? Wrap you up in wonderful PowderRain? You decide what you need right now. You can even tell your shower what you want it to do with an app: for example, a scenario to get you in the mood for the night. The main thing is that you let yourself be fully and totally pampered.

RainTunes: Focuses on your senses and moods

With RainTunes, water, video, light, sound, and fragrance combine to create an all-embracing sensory rush. Your shower becomes a place where you can live out your moods. And a wonderful space to slow down and relax. Just choose the shower scenario that emotionally appeals to you most in the moment. What is possible in your multisensory home spa? Which hansgrohe partner products can further enhance your enjoyment? Find out here:
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