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Aqittura M91

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hansgrohe Aqittura M91

Exclusive kitchen faucets for life in a perfect flow

Discover the innovative Aqittura M91 faucet system, for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. This exclusive kitchen faucet serves optimized sparkling water to match your taste and personal needs. Aqittura M91 is available in two design variants and three finishes. The design language of the highly functional kitchen faucet enhances the sink.

Aqittura M91 contributes to a mindful lifestyle. With water the way you’ve always wanted, filtered, optionally refined, sparkling, or chilled.

Filtration and mineralization technology for optimized water

Enjoy the high-quality minerals in optimized sparkling water with Aqittura M91. Choose between the hansgrohe Harmony, Life or Sport cartridges to fit your needs and circumstances. The one-of-a-kind MINTEC technology optionally enriches the water with magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

You can also choose the pure activated carbon filter, which in many cases improves the taste of drinking water. The activated carbon filter is integrated in all cartridges, optionally with ion exchange for water with a particularly high lime content.

Sparkling and chilled water with the SodaBase

The Aqittura M91 SodaSystem variant optimizes sparkling water with key minerals while also adding some extra joy with effervescent freshness to suit your taste. The SodaBase is the heart of the integrated system, housing the carbonic acid and the desired filter cartridge. Commercially available CO² cylinders can be used with the universal thread.

The SodaBase is installed in the sink base cabinet, an extension set of up to 5 m is available if required. It includes a cooling unit and intermediate storage, providing two liters of chilled, optionally sparkling, water per minute.

You can also connect the SodaBase to the hansgrohe home app and find out about the charging status of the filter and CO² cartridge on your smartphone. 

Flawless functionality 

Select your desired water directly at the faucet spout. The Aqittura M91 uses separate pipelines for conventional water and filtered or sparkling water. 

The swivel range of up to 150 degrees makes the Aqittura M91 versatile for use at the sink. Choose between round arch and linear designs to suit your kitchen concept, and opt for one of three exclusive finishes: Matte Black, Chrome, or Stainless Steel Finish. The variant with pull-out spout provides even more flexibility and ensures smooth processes thanks to the sBox. This clever storage solution for the pull-out hose is stowed in the base cabinet, as is the filter technology. 

Even more comfort

You don't need to have optimized sparkling water shipped to you, since its “natural resource” is the water supply in your home. This way, the integrated Aqittura M91 protects the environment, reduces your carbon footprint, and makes your everyday life easier.

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