Strainer basket for the drain of a hansgrohe stainless steel sink.

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Find the perfect waste system for your kitchen sink

The sink is the most frequently used part of the kitchen: the place for washing vegetables and other ingredients, draining away cooking water and quickly rinsing dishes. For people to work efficiently, everything that belongs down the drain should drain away reliably. A high-quality waste system enables you to work quickly, whether you have a single or double-basin sink. Depending on the sink, the plug can be operated manually or automatically.

hansgrohe supplies waste sets for a wide range of built-in solutions, whether the sink is integrated into a kitchen counter or an island. The technical system goes perfectly with any style of kitchen, with the siphon inconspicuously working away under the worktop. The hansgrohe accessory provides the perfect connection to the wastewater pipes, integrates the overflow and can be used to connect the drain from a washing machine or dishwasher.

How to choose the optimum waste technology for your sink

  • Check: stainless steel or SilicaTec granite sink. Due to the different material thicknesses, the two versions each have their own collection of waste sets. hansgrohe stainless steel sinks can be combined with brushed stainless steel overflows and strainer baskets. 
  • The choice is yours: single or double-basin sink? hansgrohe stainless steel sinks with two basins need a waste set for two overflows; one overflow suffices for the SilicaTec version. Background: in the stainless steel double-basin sinks excess water from the two basins runs away separately; in the granite version, the basins are connected and use a shared overflow.
    hansgrohe single-basin stainless steel sinks have a waste set with an overflow that is tailored to the material.
    The basin size does not generally matter when choosing the waste technology.
  • The choice is yours: manual or automatic drain? The sink can be sealed with a strainer basket that is operated either manually or automatically. It stores water and prevents objects from getting into the drain and blocking the siphon. Manual operation means that you reach into the basin and open or close the plug. In the case on an automatic waste set, you use an eccentric remote control. A second tap hole on the edge of the sink or in the worktop is required for the rotary knob. hansgrohe sink combi units with a Select push button offer an innovative operating concept that combines the drain operation with water management. The flow of water is started and stopped at the touch of a button and a slight twist lifts or lowers the strainer basket in the drain. The mechanics for the remote control are hidden under the sink. 

Save space, increase flexibility

All hansgrohe waste sets use space-saving drain bends and siphons that easily leave enough room in the base unit for other utensils. The adjustable installation pipes can be adapted to the specific sink situation. The waste sets also go perfectly with the hansgrohe sBox. The secure hose storage ensures optimum mechanics for our kitchen taps with a pull-out function.
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