Combination of wide sink and Select kitchen tap.
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Perfect interaction for more ease of operation in your kitchen

Our designs are award-winning – for example, with the renowned iF Design Award 2017. Just one year later, this was followed by the iF Design Award 2018 for the compact sink combi units in graphite black. The new hansgrohe combi units comprise a kitchen sink and tap with a new type of operating concept that simplifies and speeds up work at the sink. The taps come in two operating variants. All components are precisely coordinated and supplied as a unit with all the necessary accessories. This provides a high degree of reliability in planning and installation.

Two intelligent operating variants will revolutionise your kitchen chores

For more efficiency and convenience in your daily kitchen chores, there are hansgrohe sink combi units with two pioneering operating options.

Version 1: set the water quantity and temperature using the lever of the kitchen tap as usual. New: Stop or start the water flow at the push of a button positioned within easy reach at the front rim – with your finger, wrist or even with your elbow when your hands are full. The position of the tap lever remains unchanged. You now control the tap using the button.

The tap also has an extendible hand spray, which allows you to change the type of jet as required directly at the push of a button. You also have that comfortably under control with one hand!

Version 2: there is an ergonomically designed rocker lever on the front rim of the sink. Set the water temperature conveniently by turning the lever. By tilting it, you can start or stop the tap water flow. At the same time, control the water quantity by changing the tilt angle. If the tap is running, you can also turn the water on and off with the button on the pull-out spout. Convenient operation with one hand. The other hand is free to hold a pan, for example.

However, both operating options can do even more: Thespace-saving sBox installed in the base unit stores the pull-out hose, and ensures the hose can be extended and put back effortlessly. At the same time, the hose is protected from damage and jamming. The sBox extends your range of actions to a previously unrivalled 76 cm. Such a long extension facilitates chores in the kitchen exponentially. For example, the spout can be pulled out to the stove to precisely fill a pan using start/stop.

Which sinks are offered in combination with the new operating options?

Five sinks are available, which you can purchase as a combination package with both operating variants: from the compact single sink with 450 mm basin width (with or without draining board), to the generous version with 660 mm basin width, to the double sink. The latter is available with two differently sized basins or two of the same size. When it comes to material, choose between high quality, hand-welded stainless steel or the highly attractive hansgrohe SilicaTec granite. Both kitchen taps with control element are available in chrome or particularly scratch-resistant stainless steel optic. The stainless steel sink combi units can be surface-mounted on the worktop or integrated flush with the worktop. The SilicaTec granite sink combi units are available in the surface combination of graphite black (sink) and chrome (tap).

Would you prefer to choose your own combination? Then, please check out our whole kitchen sink range. The sinks can be combined with any of the hansgrohe kitchen taps.

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