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Your kitchen will shine: Minimalism across the board

Experience a kitchen that gives you freedom for the essentials: preparing delicious food, supported by clear design. The minimalist Talis M54 kitchen faucet provides visual tranquility with maximum functionality. Enjoy the faucet's sleek design on the kitchen island in the recessed solution under wall cabinets or in front of the window. The Talis M54 enhances any individual kitchen solution.

A minimalistic kitchen faucet in Matte Black.
The slim Talis M54 kitchen faucet, with its consistent design, convinces not least in the trendy Matte Black. The selection completes many kitchen concepts.

You decide: the arc or the angle, whatever suits your taste and situation

As a cooking fan, you go through recipes according to your own personal taste, and your working environment should support you every step of the way. If this sounds like you, then you’ll appreciate it when the sink unit faucet, as an important tool, matches your habits and kitchen. Talis M54 is available in a variety of variants for virtually any situation and requirement.

Make your work easier for yourself and choose the optimal faucet height for your needs. The Talis M54 is available in three basic shapes and three convenient heights. You can show even more individuality by choosing one of the four exclusive surface finishes for the minimalist design. Are you inspired by the trendy interior color black? Then you have the choice between the metallic Brushed Black Chrome and the trendy Matte Black surface finishes. Or you can opt for Chrome or Stainless Steel Finish. With Talis M54, you can find color-coordinated design right down to components like the pull-out shower hose. This is how you implement consistent design.

Talis M54 goes along with your style choices

Picturing a visual highlight on the work island? The Talis M54 variant in high round arch makes a functional statement. Or are you planning for a kitchenette and the space under wall cabinets? The angled Talis M54 in an L design or with a U spout is easy to set up. Maybe you like the space in front of the window for the sink with a view? Not least for this solution, the faucet line offers the right answer. 

Kitchen faucet with round arched spout.
The Talis M54 with round arched spout captivates with its raised, space-shaping silhouette and its functionality. The matte black surface finish makes it a highlight.

Talis M54 as a prominent kitchen island solution

You are sure to combine your passion for pleasure with a sense of individual style, as cooking and design are closely related. With the elongated Talis M54, you can bring a star to the kitchen block while also gaining a first-class helper to help you with all your work at the sink unit. The faucet isn’t just uncompromising in design, the high round arch sets a premium accent at 435 mm in total height. In open-plan living spaces that blend with the kitchen, the sleek silhouette shows off individual style. Continue that modern, streamlined look with the Talis M54 and give the faucet the final touch with an exclusive surface finish. 

Is high functionality at the sink a priority for you? The Talis M54 creates more room to move, so it’s easy to work at two sinks or work next to the sink with the faucet. Four levels are available for the swivel range. Combining the variant with pull-out spray and an sBox extends the radius by up to 74 cm. The hansgrohe sBox guides the shower hose safely under the sink, where it returns after use. For targeted use, you can easily switch between laminar and shower spray for greater efficiency. The MagFit magnetic shower support offers additional comfort and convenience. 

Kitchen faucet with pull-out function.
The Talis M54 with L spout leaves room to maneuver under wall cabinets and, thanks to the sBox, is especially flexible: The pull-out spout pampers with a generous action radius.

Talis M54 with L-shaped spout – the spatial miracle

Want to use the strong look of the Talis M54 in a kitchen solution with wall cabinets, or put it under a shelf? Get to know the variant with L-shaped spout, which fits harmoniously into the built-in line or single kitchen, where the free space above the sink is limited. The adjusted overall height makes the most of the space with straightforward aesthetics and a horizontally extendable spout. Direct the laminar spray to where water is needed easily and ergonomically. The gradually adjustable swivel stop can be adjusted to the sink and prevents little “accidents” in the surrounding area (over-swiveling of the faucet). Thanks to ComfortZone 270 and the generous clearance between the spout and sink, filling large containers is easy. The MagFit magnetic support on the spout ensures a secure position for the pull-out spout and pull-out spray. The practical sBox hose storage system is also available for the Talis M54 in L-design and with pull-out function.
Single-hole kitchen faucet on the sink basin.
The minimalist design of the Talis M54 impresses, not least in its version with U spout. The slim projecting lever handle saves space and is ergonomic.

Talis M54 in U design – proven optics, slim shape

Love minimalism? Does a U-shaped faucet fit best with your kitchen style, with or without wall cabinet? The distinctive variant of the Talis M54 offers high functionality with recognition value. The discreetly integrated spray insert for the laminar spray continues this clear design; nothing disturbs the flowing design of the faucet body. With the adjustable swivel spout, you can work comfortably in any situation and enjoy the ComfortZone 220 for flexible free space under the spout. The swivel radius of the spout can be adjusted to fit the sink, preventing it from accidentally moving out of range. Choose one of the exclusive surface finishes for a harmonious combination with your interior style. The colors Matte Black, Chrome, and Stainless Steel Finish include all components of the faucet.
Talis M54: Give your kitchen a faucet with strong charisma. The minimalist design language refines any modern kitchen design.

Minimalist design meets functionality

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