EluPura Original toilet in Round.

EluPura Original

Get ready to enhance your bathroom with EluPura Original in Round and SoftCube, which combine magnificent design, extraordinary performance, and excellent comfort. The rimless toilets blend in well with many bathroom styles and can be used in new builds and for remodeling. They also help to save water. You will find it effortless to pair EluPura Original with designer hansgrohe product lines. View Products

Magnificent design in two models – for the perfect fit, wherever it goes

Are you building or renovating and looking for a clean and functional design that matches your lifestyle? Perhaps you value quality and sustainability and want to reduce your footprint by consuming water sparingly in the bathroom. EluPura Original toilets help you to play your part in creating a greener world. 

EluPura Original: Your private place of relaxation

With EluPura Original, you will find toilets and bidets, wall-hung or floor-standing, in two designs: Round and SoftCube. Both shapes feature a minimalist, modern, and high-quality look. The design is reflected throughout the series and includes a selection of urinals for installation on the wall. Accessories such as a seat and flushing tank (for the floor-standing model) complete the line.

Harmonious combinations with EluPura Original

All that’s left is to decide which design variant suits your taste and works well with your bathroom interior. EluPura Original simplifies holistic bathroom design for you: The coordinated Round or SoftCube shape goes great with Xanuia Q wash basins, Xelu Q bathroom furniture, and Xarita Lite bathroom mirrors. Experience how EluPura Original blends in with a wide range of interior styles and transforms your bathroom into your private place of relaxation.  

EluPura Original combines looks with quality and comfort

With EluPura Original toilets, you can enjoy a wealth of quality features and functionality that provides satisfaction day after day:

  • Round or SoftCube designs to match your bathroom’s style 
  • Broad product line consisting of a wall-hung toilet, floor-standing toilet, bidet, urinal, toilet seat, cover, and flushing tank
  • AquaChannel Flush technology for effective cleaning thanks to the powerful water streams with the potential to save water (suitable flushing tank required)
  • Easy cleaning: Rimless interior geometry, efficient flushing technology, and QuickRelease to swiftly remove the seat and cover simplify cleaning
  • You also have the option of adding the dirt-repellent SmartClean glaze or the HygieneEffect glaze to combat bacterial growth*
  • Quiet: SoftClose mechanism enables the seat and cover to be closed softly and quietly. The soundproofing mat fitted during installation also reduces the transmission of flushing noises 
  • Natural: EluPura Original toilets are made of recyclable sanitation ceramics and they are packaged and delivered with virtually no plastic. 
  • Time-saving: EluPura Original can be easily and quickly fitted, meaning less time and work for the plumber on site.

*Refers to the following bacteria: Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 and Salmonella enterica ATCC 13076 (test performed according to ISO 22196: 2011-08).

EluPura Original helps to save water

Do you want to make a positive contribution to a greener world, with less consumption of natural resources and a lower environmental impact? At Hansgrohe, our commitment to sustainability is part of our corporate DNA. The rimless interior geometry has therefore been optimized to achieve the best results with just 4.5 liters per flush (suitable flushing tank required). The targeted hansgrohe AquaChannel Flush technology highly efficiently guides powerful water streams into the bowl. The use of just 4.5 liters means a water saving of up to 25 percent compared to standard flushing technology, which consumes 6 liters per flush. For a household of one or two people, that soon mounts up to several thousand liters per year. 

EluPura Original’s rimless interior geometry simplifies cleaning and requires fewer cleaning chemicals thanks to the AquaChannel Flush performance. You can also opt for a specially developed SmartClean or HygieneEffect glaze to make cleaning more efficient and pollute the environment less, as less cleaning agent is required.

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