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Hand and overhead showers

Only a little bit of water is coming out of the hand shower. What can I do? 

A low flow performance may be caused by a dirty sealing screen. This video shows the cleaning process. The shower itself may also be calcified. Instructions for correct decalcification are here.

Where should I install the holder for the hand shower on the bath tub?

The hand shower should be installed so that it can be reached without any problem. You should be able to wash your hair while sitting, without having to hold the hand shower.

The water jet in the shower/overhead shower is irregular. What can I do?

Clean the gush spray outlet, preferably with a plastic spatula. With the water running, pull the spatula completely through the gush spray outlet. Any debris that's loosened can then be washed away.

My shower/overhead shower is leaking. What can I do?

We recommend descaling the overhead shower and using our QuickClean function. You can find more information via the following links:

What are the differences between the various spray modes in hansgrohe showers?

You can find more information about the different spray modes in our guide

My hand shower/shower head is dripping. What can I do?

If the shower fails to drain completely or at all after showering, this process may not take place for several minutes or hours. 
This is due to the surface tension of the water. For this reason, we suggest that you try the following tips:

  • If your overhead shower is equipped with a ball joint, you can speed up the draining process by tilting the overhead shower after showering.
  • Carefully wiping the jet nubs with a shower stall squeegee or by hand can also speed up shower drainage, as the surface tension of the water is interrupted.
  • We also recommend regular descaling of the showers; this can also help with draining. You can find instructions for correctly descaling a hand shower here.

Sealing screen: What is the function of the seal or filter screen between the shower hose and hand shower?

Sealing screens, which are included with each hand shower, cannot be replaced by normal seals. Otherwise, the dirt filtered out in the filter screen will get washed into the mechanics of the shower, which will lead to the QuickClean cleaning function breaking down or the sprays becoming clogged.

The diverter on my concealed installation bath tub faucet won't automatically return to its original position. What should I do?

The O-ring or the plunger on the diverter are either dirty or degreased. When necessary, both will need to be cleaned and silicon grease will need to be applied

Shower pipes and shower sets

Can I shorten the riser pipe?

Depending on the model, riser tubes can be adapted to the spatial situation and shortened. You can refer to the product data sheet to find out whether this is possible for your model.

  • This is generally possible with round riser pipes, which can be shortened downwards towards the faucets or diverter. To do so, please use a fine metal saw and deburr the cut edge afterwards. One exception is the Vernis line, where the round riser pipe cannot be shortened.
  • With rectangular riser pipes, shortening usually isn’t possible. hansgrohe does, however, offer different lengths for most riser pipes – in our Spare Parts Shop. To order, please contact a specialist partner in your area. If in doubt, please send us your request via our contact form.

How can I install a shower pipe if the bathroom ceiling isn’t tiled very high? Is there a solution available?

A tile spacer for shower pipes is available to provide 7 mm adjustment. The corresponding article number can be found in the relevant installation manual.

What are the options for shower rods for corner installation?

We offer a corner mounting set (art. 28694000) for the Unica Raindance wallbar (art. 27636000). This video demonstrates the necessary assembly steps.

I want to replace a wallbar without drilling new holes. Which one can I use?

Check the drill hole spacing. If it's 915 mm, all current 90 cm wallbars from our range can be used. If the spacing is 625 mm, all current 65 cm wallbars are suitable. If the drill hole distance differs from the above, we recommend our variable wallbars.

Can the Unica'D replacement slide also be installed on older wallbars? 

In general, the replacement slide can be (art. 96190000) for used on all Unica`D wallbars.

Tile spacing: What is the elongated plastic disc that is enclosed with the shower sets used for?

In some cases, it will be necessary to compensate for the tile thickness when installing shower sets or shower pipes. In bathrooms that are not tiled to room height, this is done using a hansgrohe tile spacer, an extended, light gray plastic disc that looks good on different materials. It is 7 mm thick and can be stacked if required. You can order this spacer through a retailer near you. Please refer to the installation manual or our Spare Parts Shop for the article number.

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