Innovation meets emotion: The bathroom of the future is sensuous.

Smart living for your home

The new way of living: Pretty relaxed

Digital advancements have given interior design a futuristic update. An increasing number of functions take care of almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives using smart technology. The best ideas for the future have people in mind.

Sensuous showering with hansgrohe RainTunes.
Here at hansgrohe, we see the bathroom as the main place to relax, revitalise and find balance. Our RainTunes shower scenarios transform water into pure well-being.

With people in mind

We want you to feel good at home. We want people to have nice moments within their own four walls, supported by modern technology. You can enjoy multisensory showering with our latest app-controlled smart living solutions. Moreover, an innovative kitchen faucet helps to refine drinking water and bring your life into the perfect flow. But what’s next? We are using our wealth of experience to conduct relentless research. Who knows what the future holds...

The future is smart

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