Woman is enthralled by Pulsify overhead shower with PowderRain.


Square or round? The choice is yours! With Pulsify E and Pulsify S, you can design the look of your bathroom yourself – and enjoy the PowderRain shower experience just the way you like it. The modern yet timeless design makes Pulsify a real style feature in your bathroom. Experience it for yourself: the Pulsify effect for your personal wellness experience.View Products

Now available in two inspiring designs – E and S

Pulsify overhead showers in square E and round S design.
Whether in the square E or round S design: you choose the shape in which Pulsify pampers you. In any case, you get a high-quality hansgrohe shower that makes your bathroom stand out.

Pulsify gets the pulse racing and provides lasting pampering

Want to be invigorated or relaxed, shower gently or intensively? Get excited about PowderRain, the wellness highlight in your everyday life. A thousand fine microdroplets ensure a unique feeling of wellbeing. Pulsify showers pamper sustainably, thanks to EcoSmart technology.

Pulsify E: Showering pleasure in its purest form

Pulsify shower: Man enjoying hansgrohe PowderRain.
Pulsify E showers make showering a highlight of everyday life. The PowderRain spray mode, with its ultra-fine droplets, ensures a unique sense of wellbeing. 

Discover Pulsify E: The showers in this hansgrohe line offer full PowderRain comfort in an angular, minimalist look – emphasizing your individual style. The iconic cubic design underlines the character of Pulsify E and makes the showers eye-catchers. Design your shower just the way you want it.

Clear design language characterizes the entire series down to the smallest detail. Special accents are set by the FinishPlus surface finishes in Chrome, Matte Black, Matte White, and Brushed Bronze. The large selection of Pulsify E products offers you a consistent design language: from overhead and hand showers to wall rods and shower arms, to complete shower pipes. Personalize your living space with this large, perfectly matched product selection.

Pulsify S: Tremendous showering pleasure for any size bathroom

Pulsify overhead shower pampering with delicate PowderRain.
Wellness for body and soul: PowderRain transforms water into a delicate coat of countless microdroplets. What's more, this hansgrohe spray mode produces remarkably little splashing.

Whether your bathroom is large, small, narrow, or wide, Pulsify S guarantees incomparable moments of wellbeing. The large selection of individual products offers you a consistent, rounded design language that fits in with any bathroom style. Draw from the variety of products and complete the look of your bathroom.

The round showers in the Pulsify S line are eye-catchers offering harmonious solutions for the entire shower space – with overhead and hand showers, cylindrical wallbar, and complete shower pipe. Choose from a variety of FinishPlus surface finishes: Chrome, Matte Black, Matte White, and Brushed Bronze.

More showering pleasure with additional storage space

Pulsify S uses the shelf surface of the thermostat as storage space for your toiletries. Moreover, the flexible WallStoris storage system offers you storage space in a matching design. 

Pulsify hand shower gets top marks from Stiftung Warentest.
Test winner Pulsify Select S art. no. 24111000

Pulsify with PowderRain: Good for you. And for the environment

Every Pulsify shower lets you use water responsibly with EcoSmart technology. Compared to conventional hansgrohe showers, which use an average of 15 liters per minute, our EcoSmart variants reduce water consumption by up to 40% (8 liters per minute) and our EcoSmart+ variants even by up to 60% (6 liters per minute). While maintaining the same level of comfort.

An overwhelming majority of test shower users experience a sense of wellbeing with Pulsify with PowderRain: 9 out of 10 customers confirm a great showering experience with 40% water savings. (Source: TRND customer study with 150 testers, July 2022. Water savings compared to hansgrohe average.)

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The perfect style match for Pulsify

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