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FinishPlus surface designs: Time for more color in the bathroom!

With FinishPlus surface finishes, you can set individual accents in your feel-good zone – without any costly renovations. The matte black faucet – a striking eye-catcher. The shower in Brushed Bronze – an elegant highlight. The thermostat – the same color scheme. When the wallbar, shower hose, and accessories can harmonize in color, everything looks like new.

Matte Black: Bathroom design with strong character

hansgrohe bathroom furnishings in the FinishPlus color Matte Black.
Get inspired by the favorite color of architects and designers. The matte black faucets and showers from hansgrohe are shown here in striking geometry.

Do you love modern architecture and everyday objects that, visually, are streamlined down to the essentials? Then you might like the FinishPlus color Matte Black. It’s trendy yet timelessly beautiful. Dark faucets, showers, and thermostats can give your bathroom a masculine character. Black color plus geometric shape: it’s a design statement that adds to the striking style. For example, choose a linear Metropol faucet or an angular overhead shower like Raindance E.

hansgrohe faucet and accessories in Matte Black.
Do you love design freedom and individual charm? Then let off some steam and create your dream bathroom! For example, in trendy colors like Matte Black. 

Black loves white: Combine matte black bathroom products

Black faucet and bright vanity form a cool design team. The same goes for the black thermostat on the white bath tub, or the white shower head in the marble-look tiled shower. You can also go for black and white contrasts when it comes to bathroom accessories, such as shower hoses or wallbars. hansgrohe also offers several accessories in Matte Black, whether towel racks or cosmetic tissue boxes. Also appealing: playing with colorful details in the space. 

Matte White: A new breath of fresh air with an unconventional charm

hansgrohe bathroom furnishings in the FinishPlus color Matte White.
Good morning, bathroom oasis! Make the wonderful simplicity of a faucet or shower in matte white splendor the finishing touch in your modern bathroom. 

A sink, bath tub, and shower equipped with FinishPlus color Matte White could become your new favorite places. A white interior can transform the bathroom into an elegant temple of tranquility or a cheerful playground – depending on how you arrange things. Live out your concept of aesthetics freely, and surprise yourself! In addition, hansgrohe also offers towel hooks, lotion dispensers, toilet paper holders, and other matte white accessories in high quality.

White showers and faucets in exclusive bathroom.
Opposites will forever remain exciting: yin and yang. Pictured here, the beautiful and user-friendly matte white Rainfinity showers against a black marbled background.

Soft or stylish: Combine matte white bathroom products

You can stage the matte white design trend in an elegant, harmonious, and natural way – with earthy colors, pastel shades, organic vanities, and green plants. White can turn playful with candy-colored towels or colorful accessories. What’s more, white can do contrasts. Why not put a feminine-looking faucet in Matte White behind a striking vanity in black mineral cast? Pictured: The Rainfinity shower family – an exclusive design landscape in Matte White.

Brushed Black Chrome: Profound highlights for individualists

hansgrohe bathroom in the FinishPlus surface color Brushed Black Chrome.
Metallic black design throughout the bathroom. The shower pipe with two round shower heads is a real eye-catcher. Accessories like the corner shelf are available in the same shade. 

Help yourself to whatever you like from the hansgrohe color palette! The FinishPlus color Brushed Black Chrome is one of the surface finishes that will make your bathroom shine in new splendor. Metallic black offers endless design possibilities. Make your design statements at the vanity, at the edge of the bath tub, or in the floor-level shower. Stay stylish and harmonious when you control your showers with an exposed or concealed installation faucet in the same color scheme.

hansgrohe faucet in the surface color Brushed Black Chrome.
Expressive and harmonious: the hansgrohe Talis E lavatory faucet in Brushed Black Chrome, flanked by accessories in the same color from the AddStoris line. 

Combine glossy black bathroom products

Our metallic shades have a mysterious shimmer, and enhance your bathroom. Faucets, showers, thermostats, and accessories in Brushed Black Chrome set highlights in dark or light bathroom ambiances. With this finish, you can show off an exquisite sense of style and a modern signature. Raw steel could be a strong design partner. Or you could combine your gems with seamless “industrial style” wall and floor coverings. Why not paint the wall in Petrol or Lime Green? 

Brushed Bronze: Harmony in elegantly shimmering nuances

hansgrohe bathroom in the FinishPlus color Brushed Bronze.
This metallic design invites you to play with individual colors. Whether a subtle marble wall or bathroom furniture in heavily grained wood: faucets in Brushed Bronze always match. 

Fans of durable design with a subtle touch will love the FinishPlus color Brushed Bronze. This metallic tone expresses your knack for staging spaces. After all, home is so much more than three beds-kitchen-one bath. It’s coming in, letting go, and feeling aesthetically comfortable. You’ll enjoy the fresh radiance that Brushed Bronze brings to your home spa every day. Even a sink or bath tub faucet in this color conjures up a gentle flair in the bathroom.

hansgrohe bath tub faucets in the color Brushed Bronze.
Create a natural, stylish ambiance with highlights in Brushed Bronze. Bronze-colored accessories, lamps, and mirrors further enhance the organic look.

Combine bronze-colored bathroom products

Perhaps you’ll let your shower pipe shine in front of a dark, textured wallpaper? If you want your bathroom ambiance to have a color-coordinated overall look, why not choose a bath tub faucet in Brushed Bronze as a counterpart? Or a bidet mixer like Talis E? Whether it’s a soap dish, towel rack, or toothbrush cup, hansgrohe offers high-quality accessories in the matching color.  

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