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You can find helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about repairing and replacing hansgrohe products here. Select your desired question below and view the answer.

Where can I find hansgrohe spare parts?

You can find more information about spare parts in our Spare Parts Shop. This also includes installation manuals and cleaning recommendations.

How long are hansgrohe spare parts available after an item has been discontinued?

We guarantee the availability of spare parts for 15 years after the product in question has been discontinued.

Where can I find the Spare Parts Shop, dimensional drawings, and installation manuals for hansgrohe products?

Information about spare parts and technical publications, such as dimensional drawings, installation manuals, or service instructions can be found on our brand website, directly for the respective product.

Are you a sanitation professional in need of in-depth information about the products of the AXOR and hansgrohe brands? Then feel free to visit our specialist partner portal. On our PRO website, you will find an extensive product catalog, bathroom planning data, tips and tricks for consulting, planning, and installation, and much more.

Whom should I contact if I have complaints for hansgrohe?

hansgrohe distributes its products to its customers via wholesalers, the trades, and retailers. This means the customer has a warranty claim primarily against the direct seller, i.e. the retailer/seller, but not against the manufacturer. For this reason, please contact your contractual partner during the first two years of warranty, and us after that.

Can I send in my hansgrohe product for repairs?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send in your product for repair. Please contact your plumber. You can find specialist retailers near you in our Shopfinder.

What should I do if the hot and cold water pipes are reversed?

To check if the water flow in the faucet can be corrected, we need the article number or a photo of the product. Please send us this information via our contact form.

My hand shower/shower head is dripping. What can I do?

If the shower fails to drain completely or at all after showering, this process may not take place for several minutes or hours. 
This is due to the surface tension of the water. For this reason, we suggest that you try the following tips:

  • If your overhead shower is equipped with a ball joint, you can speed up the draining process by tilting the overhead shower after showering.
  • Carefully wiping the jet nubs with a shower stall squeegee or by hand can also speed up shower drainage, as the surface tension of the water is interrupted.
  • We also recommend regular descaling of the showers; this can also help with draining. You can find instructions for correct descaling here.

The diverter on my concealed installation bath tub faucet won't automatically return to its original position. What should I do?

The O-ring or the plunger on the diverter are either dirty or degreased. When necessary, both will need to be cleaned and silicon grease will need to be applied.

Very little water is coming out of my faucet. What can I do?

Low flow performance may be caused by a dirty aerator. 

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