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Which water filter fits your life?

Water is probably our most precious resource on earth. If the tap water in your region is very hard and the quality isn’t satisfactory, if it even contains pollutants, then you need a water filter for purification or optimization. You can also refine your drinking water with key minerals. Learn about the positive effect of hansgrohe filters here.

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hansgrohe cares about drinking water that's safe to consume for everyone. Your water should not only be free of pollutants, it should also taste great.

Filtration: Activated carbon filter for pure, great-tasting water

Those who enjoy delicious drinking water also enjoy major benefits in terms of quality of life. But in many areas of the world, the water that comes out of the faucet doesn’t taste good. It often even contains questionable ingredients. Even supposedly pure water can contain pollutants, chlorine admixtures, or a plenty of limescale. Not to mention defective pipes. There are a number of factors that can spoil our drinking delight.

New filtration and mineralization technology for optimized drinking water 

hansgrohe filters are perfect if your water quality is inadequate or in need of optimizing. We’re the first supplier ever to use the unique MINTEC® filtration and mineralization technology with precise dosing technology. These innovative products are manufactured by our partner ClaroSwiss and are Made in Switzerland.

What can the innovative hansgrohe filters do?

  • Filtration reduces organic pollutants and heavy metals in tap water, filtering out even the smallest particles and eliminating unpleasant odors.
  • Mineralization actively enriches tap water with high-quality minerals, providing a significant boost to balanced nutrition.

Which types of filters does hansgrohe offer? 

  1. Activated carbon filters that reduce particles and improve the taste of your water – for carefree enjoyment.
  2. Filter ion exchanger and activated carbon, which also reduce the water's lime content. At a water hardness of 15°dH and the standard bypass setting 3, roughly 70% of the carbonate hardness is reduced. “Soft” water tastes much better – and extends the service life of your kitchen appliances. For high hardness, we recommend Ion Exchange Pro.
  3. Filter mineralization and activated carbon, which also enriches your drinking water with key mineral salts. You’ll learn more about that in a moment.

Activated carbon filters: All-rounders from nature

hansgrohe activated carbon filters are natural products that efficiently remove organic substances such as odors, flavors, pharmaceutical residues, and pesticides. Activated carbon also eliminates microplastics. Conclusion: Activated carbon makes relatively good drinking water even better and supports conscious nutrition.

Woman drinking filtered tap water.

Mineralize: These filters support your lifestyle

Is good nutrition is important to you? Do you want to provide the best possible drinking water for you and your family? Then we recommend hansgrohe cartridges that actively mineralize your water, refining it with a precise concentration of magnesium, calcium, potassium or sodium – all extracted from natural European salt rock. All three hansgrohe filter types contain activated carbon, so you can relax and enjoy your tap water.

Well-dosed minerals for more balance in everyday life

And the dosage? We offer three filter variants – from lightly to more mineralized. By choosing the right filter, you get the optimal support for your individual lifestyle.

Which water filter for all households?

The hansgrohe HARMONY mineralizing filter contains 60 mg/l magnesium and 25 mg/l potassium. hansgrohe recommends it to everyone who values a conscious lifestyle – regardless of the water hardness in the surrounding area.

Which water filter for families?

The hansgrohe LIFE mineralizing filter contains 30 mg/l magnesium, 70 mg/l calcium, and 15 mg/l potassium, and is recommended for areas with softer water. The filter perfectly compensates for the low calcium levels in soft water areas. The ideal choice for families.

Which water filter for active athletes?

The hansgrohe SPORT mineralizing filter contains 55 mg/l magnesium, 40 mg/l potassium, and 50 mg/l sodium, and is recommended if you exercise regularly. It compensates for the key minerals that you lose when you sweat.

More about the filter technology in a video by our parter ClaroSwiss

Refined water for more balance and harmony

A continuous supply of food-grade minerals is an important part of balanced nutrition. It really is something that everyone can do to treat their body right, as the minerals have an invigorating and balancing effect. We especially recommend adding mineral salts if you have an active lifestyle or want to achieve peak performance. As a premium supplier, hansgrohe stands for the naturality, safety, and quality of its filters.

Woman replacing the filter on the hansgrohe FilterSystem.

Which hansgrohe products can use the filters?

If, in a sense, hansgrohe filters are the “software” for a balance lifestyle, what would the “hardware” be? Learn all about the hansgrohe Aqittura M91 faucet, whose functionality has delighted countless customers – and whose design should also cut a brilliant figure in your kitchen.

hansgrohe filters: Products at a glance

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