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Save water, energy, and money!

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Want to reduce water and energy costs when showering and washing your hands – and still enjoy a great water experience? Use our water savings calculator to find out how much you can save with hansgrohe EcoSmart and CoolStart technologies.

Less hot water, fewer CO2 emissions

The use phase of a hand shower is by far the most carbon-intensive: roughly 1,000 times more CO2 is emitted here than during production. That is why we have made it our mission to design sustainable product solutions that combine water- and energy-saving technologies such as EcoSmart and CoolStart with a unique water experience. In line with our brand DNA, we aim to take responsibility for people, the environment, and the planet.

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How to save water and energy with EcoSmart

Small trick, big effect: Watch the video to find out how EcoSmart technology works.

With a sustainable hansgrohe innovation, you can save precious resources and experience fantastic showering comfort at the same time. The secret lies in the EcoSmart technology, which uses up to 40 percent less water than conventional hansgrohe shower heads - and even up to 60 percent less with EcoSmart+. The water savings mean less heating energy is needed, so gas and electricity bills are also reduced.

If you start cool, you can save energy.

CoolStart faucets are climate-friendly. When the handle is in the center position, only cold water flows. If you really need hot water, simply move the lever on the CoolStart faucet to the left. 

Where can we save energy, how do we send less CO2 into the atmosphere, what can we do to combat climate change? These questions are on everyone’s mind. The best place to look for answers is in the energy consumers in our homes that we use several times a day, like lavatory faucets. The hansgrohe CoolStart principle is as simple as it is ingenious: With these faucets, warm or hot water only flows when you really need it. You only call up the necessary energy when you actively move the handle to the left.

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Green. Greener. Eco* 2030. How hansgrohe is committing to sustainable action.

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As a part of the Hansgrohe Group, sustainable thinking and action are deeply rooted in the hansgrohe brand. Many of our products are outfitted with resource-saving technologies. As early as the 1980s, we were one of the first manufacturers in the industry to launch a water-saving hand shower on the market.

The use phase of a hand shower is the most carbon-intensive by far, with roughly 1,000 times more CO2 emitted than during production. That is why we have set ourselves the task of converting our entire shower and faucet portfolio to “ECO” by 2030. In concrete terms, this means that we will reduce the water and/or energy consumption of
water-bearing products in use by at least 22 percent compared to the base year 2020.

* The Hansgrohe Group defines “ECO” as the reduction of water and/or energy consumption of water-bearing products in use by at least 22 percent compared to the base year 2020

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