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Faucet and sink, perfectly coordinated

Is there enough space between the sink and the faucet? Does the combination of the two work so well together that there is little to no splashing when washing hands? In short: Does the faucet match the ceramics? The hansgrohe ExcellentFit provides you with the answers to these questions. Find your personal dream combination of faucet and sink, tailored to your wishes and needs.

Find the ideal combination of faucet and ceramics

Man washing a brush with hansgrohe Metropol faucet
hansgrohe ExcellentFit: For your perfect combination of faucet and ceramics.

The market for sinks is huge. So is the market for faucets, and the combinations of the two are correspondingly diverse. The hansgrohe ExcellentFit helps you make the right decision for your perfect combination. It is the result of hansgrohe’s ComfortZone tests: our experts from the Technical Service Center have tested many of the possible combinations of faucet and ceramics for their functionality and made the results available to you. This saves you the tedious and time-consuming work of comparing and enables you to find your dream combination of sink and faucet easily and intuitively in just a few minutes.

The hansgrohe ComfortZone test has been around since 2011, and since then we’ve been constantly improving and updating the test. It has been established for years and is an integral part of our consulting and services, and reliably helps to avoid mistakes when choosing a sink and/or faucet.

Because we want everything in your bathroom to feel good, we're looking beyond the our own offerings: We test our faucets not only with our own ceramics, but also with ceramics from other leading manufacturers.

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Bringing together what belongs together: faucets and ceramics from hansgrohe

Our hansgrohe faucets tested with ceramics from different manufacturers

Proportions & function: The keys to the dream combination

The key factors for the success of a faucet-sink combination are their proportions and function:

The proportions, i.e. the size ratio between the faucet and the ceramics, determine how comfortable and convenient the combination of the two will be. For example, whether the distance between the faucet and sink is right.

The function describes the extent to which the selected combination of sink and faucet meets the requirements of various applications. Examples of functions are “washing hair” or “filling a 35 cm-tall flower vase.” Do the characteristics suit the required applications? For example, do the flow rate and the outlet angle of the faucet match with the geometry of the inner basin? Or does the water splash over the edge?

Our tip for you: The proportions need to be right to ensure the functions you need.

Man washing his hands under hansgrohe Metropol faucet
Even with smaller sinks, no water should splash out when washing your hands. Thanks to the hansgrohe ExcellentFit, you know how to prevent unwanted splashes.

With the ComfortZone combination test from hansgrohe, it's effortless to find out which faucet is suitable for your sink. If you haven’t chosen your optimal combination of faucet and ceramics yet, the test results will let you know about possible combinations. The experts from our premium brand work with the test in consideration of the standard specifications to enable a precise test result.

Small guest hand sinks pose a special challenge when selecting a sink and faucet. The compatibility of the faucet and sink is particularly important here, because these small sinks often splash water into the surrounding area.

One essential factor for the functionality of the sink combination is proper installation by an expert.

hansgrohe ComfortZone: Not one test, but three

The hansgrohe ComfortZone test takes a close look at faucet/sink combinations. Specifically, the test runs in three phases. You can read exactly what the individual tests check in the image caption.

Draw on the wealth of our findings for your planning: Numerous possible combinations of faucets and sinks have already been tested at hansgrohe’s Technical Service Center. These comprehensive functional tests examine features like the free space at the vanity and the spray behavior.

The perfect combination has been found – what's next?

Once you’ve decided on a working duo using the hansgrohe test tables, take your desired combination to your specialist partner. They will be able to assess whether the spatial and technical requirements are met on site. After all, even the best combination won’t be of any use if the space, connections, or water pressure at the desired installation location don’t fit. All this needs to be right for a perfect installation.

Frequently asked questions about faucet and sink combinations

Why is the distance between the spout and the sink so important?

It determines how comfortable and versatile your sink combination will be in everyday use.
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