Rough charm, workshop look, cool colors

Industrial-style kitchen: Interior ideas for design lovers

Do you love the rough charm of the workshop look and cool colors that blend together in a modern kitchen? Then the industrial style is just the thing for you. Black metal and robust surfaces effectively set off shiny chrome faucets. Combine them with stainless steel or the natural colors of our granite sinks. The concrete look and vintage flair round off the trend.

Kitchen in industrial style with a warm touch.
The industrial style combines robust metal, muted colors, and shiny stainless steel. The kitchen faucet with innovative operation at the sink is a visual highlight.
Metal accents and black characterize the industrial style.
Industrial style combines cool technology with natural surfaces: shiny stainless steel, premium kitchen faucets, and tactile natural stone create a harmonious picture.

The industrial style combines elements from industry and workshops in a cool yet homey ambiance. The deliberate selection of strong materials like iron, steel, concrete, and stone stands for an urban interior design style. So it’s not surprising that the industrial style is also evocative of the world of lofts. Create a harmonious combination of sensuality and sober functionality with this style.

One defining element of the trend style is the color palette of black, gray, and rust tones. When designing a cool kitchen in industrial style, the factory atmosphere of open brick walls is at the top of the list. Wall and flooring manufacturers can provide a variety of interpretations of real materials, with and without patina. Signs of use are expressly permitted in industrial style. Thus, vintage pieces such as metal stools and workshop lamps can round out the intended aesthetic of old workplaces. This is how the industrial style sets itself apart from the minimalist living ambiance.

In the trendy kitchen, this combination of rustic surfaces and cool, contemporary technology lets you make an individual statement: Rough chic meets modern design. Shelving with black metal frames, like you would find in a warehouse, is functional while also representing a casual style. Concrete is also part of this concept, whether on the floor or the furniture fronts: The authentic look invites you to touch it. Optional rust effects, mostly from the manufacturer’s color range, characterize trendy furniture surfaces.

Rough, coarse, natural: Materials for the industrial-style kitchen

The good news: In its modern interpretation, this design is also suitable for smaller kitchens. Industrial design elements spread an unconventional, loft-like flair even without fifteen-foot-tall ceilings. The right mix of materials is important: 

  • Metal is a must. It looks its most authentic with a finish as if straight from the factory. Whether steel, iron, or brass: antique patina or satin finish metals in the form of shelf stands, table bases, faucets, and lamps emphasize the cool industrial look. 
  • The second pillar of industrial design: concrete – smoothly and seamlessly leveled on floors and walls. Furniture and home accessories with concrete components complete the style. A minimalist alternative for walls, where appropriate: brick, pure and unplastered. 
  • Wood goes perfectly with concrete and metal. It does best untreated or, at most, whitewashed. It brings natural color and warmth to the room. As flooring in the form of rough planks, wood is a cozier alternative to concrete. It works perfectly in a mix of materials with vintage style furniture.

Vintage furniture in the kitchen: the mix makes the difference

Typical: brick wall and retro leather chairs.
Expansive retro leather armchair in front of a rough brick on the wall. The visible supply pipe provides cool industrial charm – wooden floor for warmth.

Retro, recycled, vintage: Round out your kitchen’s industrial style with matching furniture. Again, it’s hard to beat the combination of wood, concrete, and metal. If you have a lot of space, a strong solid wood top screwed onto a sturdy metal frame with rough bolts makes the perfect dining table. 

A retro sofa or an expansive armchair – authentic with imitation leather – not only make for majorly comfortable seating; they also convince with their unconventional use. Filigree mixed-material furniture fits even in limited space. 

Shelves made of wood or glass on a narrow metal frame replace wall cabinets. 

Industrial design chairs with leather covered seat on an iron frame will perfect even the smallest dining space. 

Not furniture in the strict sense, but perfectly matching interior design objects all the same: Fully or partially glazed metal sliding doors in industrial style with visible sliding guides. With exposed-installation pipelines and ventilation pipes, function becomes a design element. 

You won’t have to suffer a break in style if you stick with a minimalist design when choosing your faucet.

Light up your life: The lighting makes the difference

Playful industrial charm: pendant lamps in container
Visible bulbs are typical for lamps in this design. This cluster of copper pendant lamps will look particularly good in a large kitchen.

Industrial-style lamps aren’t just the perfect aesthetic fit for the design, they're also convincing in terms of function. Areas can be illuminated in a targeted and highly functional way. “Naked” illuminants are typical. The look is reminiscent of the good old light bulb, but modern LEDs provide the light. 

  • Cage lamps originally come from harsher working environments. Interior design variants fit perfectly into a minimalist space. There are pendant, wall, and ceiling lamps with the typical protective grid. Set accents with colorful, powder-coated wire structures.  
  • Large format factory pendant lamps look especially good over expansive dining tables. The hemisphere lampshades shine in brass or copper colors. Outside, they can have an antique finish or stick with plain black. In excellent quality, handmade models, the surfaces alternate between copper-red and verdigris. Typical ceiling installations are pendant pipes, chains, or twisted textile cables.  

  • Filigree scissor lamps are ideal for lighting work surfaces. They can be swiveled sideways and up and down, and can be pulled out. Particularly idiosyncratic: a shade of patinized copper or iron.
  • Spotlight lamps weren’t originally intended for industrial use. Since the first former factory halls were converted into artist spots, it’s been impossible to imagine lofts without them.

The same is true for lamps: The larger the light source, the more effective it will be. However, this only works if there’s plenty of space. Do without large-scale industrial-style lamps in a small kitchen.

Kitchen design between loft and cooking workshop

Factory charm in the kitchen

Industrial style is also a convincing design statement in the kitchen. Underscore this interior design statement with vintage furniture made of matching materials and high-quality, industrial-style lighting.

Frequently asked questions about industrial style in the kitchen

Can I also furnish a small kitchen in industrial style?

Interpreted in a modern way, this design also fits very well in a kitchen that doesn’t have the architectural requirements of a loft.

What materials suit the industrial style?

Definitely concrete, metal, and wood. Glass and brick also emphasize the loft character.

What furniture do I use to furnish my kitchen in industrial design?

This design also relies on a mix of materials for furniture: solid wood, concrete, or glass with metal frames. Rough bolts and rivets and (artificial) leather on seating furniture are a must.

What do I need to keep in mind when picking out my furniture?

The more expansive, the better – if you have the space. If you have a smaller kitchen, go for delicate furniture.

What kind of lamps are typical for industrial style?

Cage lights, factory pendant lights, scissor lights, and spotlight-style lamps fit perfectly. Typical: bare light bulbs.

Maximum functionality for the kitchen to match the industrial style

Do you like the rough industrial style for your dream kitchen? hansgrohe offers a wide selection of modern kitchen faucets for a harmonious design that meets high technical requirements. The ergonomic switch between two spray modes and the custom ComfortZone height match the working character of the industrial-style kitchen. The design, geared towards fluid work, finds complete ease of use in the faucets with pull-out function and sBox.

Harmoniously combine industrial style with materials from hansgrohe

Stylishly combine our kitchen faucets with hansgrohe’s puristic sinks. Choose from modern design in stainless steel or natural granite made of SilicaTec material. Both variants set functional accents in an industrial design kitchen. High-quality, shiny stainless steel picks up on the technical theme, and the robust granite sinks perfectly match the trendy materials. What’s more, you can choose from a range of colors for the sink faucet to complete the trend. Metallic tones and matte colors such as Brushed Black Chrome, Matt Black, and Stainless Steel Finish make the kitchen faucet visually blend with the industrial design.
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