A dream bathroom for decorative artists

DIY stands for Dream It Yourself!

We all wish we could have rooms that have a positive influence on our lives. Who even likes these monotonous wet cells, all devoid of personality? At hansgrohe, we believe in the transformative power of bathrooms, especially as giving them a makeover can inspire and enthrall us. In this bright dream bathroom, you have full freedom to express yourself in every aspect of the design.

Celebrate your style and demonstrate your talent for DIY!

Welcome to a bathroom with sophisticated, intuitive and price-conscious products. Be amazed by this creative space miracle! The interaction between bold colors and solutions with holistic concepts makes the bathroom look bigger. Its look is inspired by the simple elegance of Scandinavian design, where every centimeter exemplifies the concept of hygge. The room is decorated in brightly colored accessories and dreamy pastels to give it a highly unique feel. Rounded white ceramics and black faucets and accessories are certainly what this interior design calls for – as are hansgrohe products to enable you to lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

Dreamy, pastel, unique

You are the lead designer in this dream bathroom. Break with conventions and make your wellbeing the top priority! From the choice of products right through to the decorative elements, you can go all out here. Maybe with wallpaper that makes you want to daydream? This can also be made of waterproof materials as an affordable alternative to tiles. Go ahead and be bold about the design. After all, if you fall out of love with the wallpaper, you can grab a brush and paint over it at any time. With your flair for design, the bathroom becomes a retreat for personal care, relaxation, self-love – and a fun place to be, where you can have your own party before the actual party. You can remodel your bathroom however you like. Let’s hear it for the art of DIY!

I think these joyless, run-of-the-mill bathrooms are pretty depressing. I love being able to design and redecorate all my rooms in vibrant colors. Even my own bathroom regularly gets a fresh splash of paint.

Nina, creative decorative artist

Small but mighty: An eco-friendly bathroom that leaves a lasting impression

You can conserve valuable resources with hansgrohe.

We can do a lot to be environmentally friendly, even in small spaces. At hansgrohe, we make the conscious decision to use materials certified as sustainable. And we value technologies that conserve resources and help you to make your contribution toward protecting our planet. The EcoSmart+ shower in this interior design concept, for example, uses up to 60 % less water (6 l/min) every time compared to hansgrohe products without this technology. The lavatory faucet is also equipped with EcoSmart+ to reduce water consumption to max. 4 l/min. In addition, CoolStart technology enables you to save considerable amounts of warm water, which, in turn, is easy on your wallet.

Which hansgrohe lines do you see in this example bathroom?

The designs of all hansgrohe products in this bathroom are harmoniously coordinated. The Xanuia Q wash basin provides a cool look and extra storage space. With a dainty rim and large inner basin, it creates lots of space for applying make-up or brushing teeth. The convenient Rebris S lavatory faucet in Matte Black is a stylish eye-catcher, as is the Flowstar S designer siphon. The Xarita Lite S LED mirror conjures atmospheric feel-good lighting. You can get it in a Matte Black or Matte White frame, in a Round or SoftCube design with rounded corners. The EluPura Original S toilet is a high-quality and high-performance toilet, and its shape perfectly matches the mirror and hand shower. In the floor-level shower with the Vernis Blend EcoSmart+ shower set, wellness spray modes impress users – and the tiled RainDrain Spot shower channel provides smooth drainage. The Ecostat Fine thermostat controls the water temperature and flow safely and reliably. The WallStoris accessories in Matte Black can be glued to any surface for more tidiness and a beautiful contrast. And they can be repositioned at any time – perfect for decorative artists!

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