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From the Europa-Park to Phantasialand: themed hotels are opting for Hansgrohe.
Hansgrohe welcomes 43 new trainees and students at its company headquarters in Schiltach.
Professor Fath's spectacular marathon was a resounding success. Hansgrohe hosted a reception in his honour.
Hansgrohe SE is supporting households affected by the flood disaster in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.
Hansgrohe is a regular guest on luxury cruise ships. Carola Husemann explains the reasons for this.

Andreas Fath is all set to jump into the Rhine on 28 July and swim the whole 1,231 km length of the river. Hansgrohe is sponsoring the spectacular swimming marathon, called Rhine Water. ©HFU


Maria Väth from Hansgrohe's Recruitment Marketing talks about career days and the peculiarities associated with being a family-run business.

An international expert jury names the Axor ShowerPipe by Front “Best of the Best” for top design quality.

Hansgrohe SE sponsors a unique campaign to measure water quality in the Rhine.
Compact, elastic and sustainable bathrooms: Hansgrohe presents awards to international up-and-coming young designers in Hamburg.