The Pontos water management system

The home help for more reassurance and safety

When we shower or rinse, H2O runs on all cylinders in our pipelines. Annoyingly, water leaks and damage result in expensive repairs. And it’s even worse if we lose mementos. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of water without a care in the world, we recommend Pontos.

Pontos: The multi-purpose product for modern water management

The Pontos Base checks the pipelines for water leaks and detects unwanted water consumption. Place the round Pontos Scout moisture sensors wherever you want to prevent damage caused by uncontrolled water leaks, frost, humidity or unusual temperatures. Pontos will inform you immediately with an alarm and push notification via the hansgrohe home app if individually set limit values are exceeded or the system suspects damage. This is particularly important if you are away from home. The bottom line: Pontos can swiftly detect mishaps caused by burst pipes, leaking sinks, open dormer windows or flooding and prevent further damage.


Simple room monitoring with Pontos Scout

The Pontos Base water manager: The Sherlock Holmes of mains water monitoring

Pontos Base helps to prevent water damage.
The Base continuously checks the pipelines for unexpected and noticeable pressure loss and warns of any damage that occurs. For your safety.

There is an optional complementary product for the Pontos Scout: The Pontos Base, which is connected to the main water pipe. It continuously checks the pipelines for any water consumption that could be indicative of leaks. In the event of possible damage, the Base will automatically shut off the water supply and inform you of the incident immediately via smartphone. The display on the Pontos Base will also show the discrepancy. You can then check the problem and reopen the water pipe via your smartphone or on the Base itself.

The hansgrohe Pontos Base – installation example.
The hansgrohe Pontos Base does not just sound the alarm when there’s a severe water issue – it also provides users with interesting facts.
The Pontos Base is a genuine brain box: It measures water consumption, supplies statistics so that you can consume water sustainably and provides information on the water hardness. You can find an overview of all this information in your hansgrohe home app.
Electricity consumption and replacing the batteries in the Pontos Base.
You can find detailed instructions on how to use the Pontos Base, including how to replace the batteries, in the product’s operating instructions.
The Pontos Base features a built-in battery, so it will continue to work in the event of a power cut. If the battery runs out, the main pipeline can be opened/closed using an emergency key built in to the product.

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