hansgrohe filter, integrated into the Aqittura kitchen faucet.
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Healthy water supply, natural balance

hansgrohe filters optimize and refine your drinking water 

Want to provide the best possible drinking water for your family? You can with hansgrohe filters, which all contain activated carbon. Our activated carbon filters come from nature, and efficiently remove organic substances such as odors and flavors, pharmaceutical residues, and pesticides. With them, you can ensure that your tap water is free of problematic ingredients and tastes great. What filters do we offer?

Filtration with activated carbon filters and ion exchangers

Our filters come in several varieties, and all of them improve the taste of your water. The hansgrohe filter with activated carbon reduces pollutants and particles. Perfect if the taste leaves something to be desired, or you don’t trust the quality of your tap water. The hansgrohe filter ion exchanger and activated carbon thoroughly removes limescale and pollutants. Perfect if you live in an area with hard water. You can also get this efficient filter in a larger unit: hansgrohe Filter Ion Exchanger Pro and activated carbon.

Mineralizing with MINTEC® technology

Want your water to have a revitalizing, balancing, or performance-enhancing effect? You can support your healthy lifestyle with hansgrohe mineralizing filters. They refine your tap water with an exact concentration of magnesium, calcium, potassium, or sodium. As the first supplier, hansgrohe uses MINTEC® technology with precise dosing. 

We offer three types of filters – from less to more mineralized. We recommend the Harmony filter for anyone who cares about health and wellbeing. The Life filter perfectly compensates for the low amount of calcium found in areas with soft water. Perfect for families with children. The Sport filter is recommended if you enjoy regular exercise, as it compensates for the valuable minerals that you lose when you sweat.

Aqittura M91 and other accessories

All hansgrohe filters fit into Aqittura M91 line products. You will need them if you want to filter your water. What else? The flowmeter will tell you when to change the filter, and the extension set ensures optimal installation of the SodaBase in the sink base cabinet. If you have the Aqittura M91 SodaSystem to fizz up your drinking water, you can find the cleaning agent for it here.

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