The kitchen faucet that can filter and mineralize

Woman drawing water from the sink with Aqittura M91.
Water treatment and mineralization

Aqittura M91 FilterSystem: Optimized drinking water for every taste

Refined drinking water from the faucet in a flash! The exclusive Aqittura M91 FilterSystem kitchen faucet serves filtered, optimized water every time. Decide how you prefer to enjoy your water: MINTEC® technology can optionally enrich your tap water with valuable minerals and reduces organic pollutants. Aqittura M91 gives you a taste for water – for better wellbeing.

Aqittura M91 FilterSystem provides daily wellbeing

The sink as the linchpin in the kitchen.
The stylish, round arch of Aqittura FilterSystem 210 fits particularly harmoniously into kitchen islands without wall units.

Experience a soothing equilibrium between taste and mineral balance. With the Aqittura M91 FilterSystem, you can optimize your tap water in no time. The versatile filter system offers solutions for water that is too hard (high lime content) or, conversely, for particularly soft water lacking in lime. Well-dosed minerals ensure your personal wellbeing. 

The multi-functional hansgrohe kitchen faucet serves optimized water with just the push technology on the faucet spout. In addition to innovative technologies, the Aqittura M91 FilterSystem also offers a visual highlight: the kitchen faucet is available in two design variants, with a stylish round arch or in a linear design. Choose between three color finishes in each case: Matte Black, Chrome, or Stainless Steel Look.

Minerals are essential for a healthy lifestyle

Woman drinking water from a glass at a desk.
hansgrohe’s new kitchen innovation impresses with water for every taste, filtered and refined. MINTEC® filter and mineralization technology optimizes your water just the way you want it.

You probably know that certain minerals in our drinking water are essential building blocks of a healthy diet. Our body needs them for many functions, such as supple muscles, bone formation, and the nervous system. You can improve your personal water balance with healthy mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. Choose between these hansgrohe filters:

  • Harmony contains magnesium and potassium, and enhances drinking pleasure regardless of water hardness.
  • Life is perfect for compensating for the low calcium levels in areas with particularly soft water. In addition, magnesium and potassium refines the drinking water.
  • Sport is a mineralizing filter that balances the minerals that athletes and fitness enthusiasts lose through sweating - including magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

The minerals come from European salt rock and are finely tuned in their dosage (MINTEC® filtration and mineralization technology). All filters also contain activated carbon, so you can enjoy your tap water worry-free and improve your mineral balance.

Additional activated carbon filters, optionally with ion exchangers, are also available. They ensure improved water quality and reduce the lime content if required.

Which filter is right for you? Find out in our guide.

 Woman installing filter cartridge in the sink base cabinet.
The filter is housed in the base cabinet to save space. The cartridges are easy to connect and replace.

Aqittura M91 – Easy filter replacement

With the premium Aqittura M91 FilterSystem solution for your personal water enjoyment, you have your replacement filter cartridge quickly at hand. You can get filters and mineralization cartridges online. Change the cartridge in no time at all in the sink base cabinet.

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