WallStoris: Individual and easier than ever

hansgrohe organization system for shower products.
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The wall is yours

The tidier a home is, the more comfortable you feel there. Harmonious and orderly environments have a calming influence on us humans and increase the feel-good factor. WallStoris is the flexible storage system for your inner balance. A renter-friendly system that you can conveniently stick on, without drilling into the wall or tiles – whatever you like.

Video on the WallStoris organization system by hansgrohe.

Ciao chaos, bye-bye problems finding space!

It’s time for a flexible storage system that brings order to your bathroom clutter – giving you just the extra storage space you need. The WallStoris principle is easy to use, but all the more individual: take a strip, stick it on and click in several modules

WallStoris: Create storage space with style and fun

What accessories do you want to have? Storage baskets, hooks for towels and washcloths, cups, handshower holders, etc. With the WallStoris storage system, you can personalize your bathroom. hansgrohe offers it in two surface colors: Matte Black and Matte White. Create tone-in-tone order or set stylish contrasts. WallStoris accessories are also helpful around the rest of the bathroom – as holders for toilet paper and toilet brushes.

Up to 40,000 possible combinations

Let's get started: You decide on a strip length – 50 or 70 cm – and set up your wall according to your taste and spatial conditions. You can arrange the modules in almost unlimited ways. A do-it-yourself dream where decor artists can let off steam to their heart’s content. 

The advantages of WallStoris at a glance

  • Store your items in style – for a harmonious bathroom ambiance, inner balance, and a tidy home. 
  • Store everything you value in the bathroom, safely and stably. These sophisticated hansgrohe brand accessories are durable yet affordable.
  • Express your personal taste. The modular storage system offers you almost unlimited possibilities for combination and decoration. 
  • You can attach these accessories in a time-saving manner, move them at any time, and remove them without leaving any residue. All with no drill holes, completely renter-friendly. The supplied adhesive set means metal, glass, and tiles remain undamaged. Of course, the bars can also be screwed in the classic way. 

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