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Save water with original charm

Talis Classic – nostalgic bathroom taps featuring state-of-the-art technology

Do you like bathrooms featuring classic beauty? If so, the nostalgic taps in the Talis Classic range are ideal for you. Here, delicately curved shapes encounter traditional style elements. Create a bathroom where everything matches seamlessly: wash basin, shower, bath tub and bidet.

Talis Classic taps are ideal for elegant bathrooms – and for those who appreciate the benefits of having trendsetting features. They combine the best of both worlds: nostalgic design that is true to the original style and state-of-the-art tap technology. For example: the water-saving technology EcoSmart reduces your water consumption to 5 l/min and helps to reduce the impact on the environment and your wallet.

Outstanding convenience in stylish design

On Talis Classic, subtle details, elegant curves and understated lines create an exciting design concept and a coordinated overall composition. The design's finger-tip precision is also demonstrated elegantly on the delicate pin handle, which you can use to finely adjust the water volume and temperature.

Add accents with Talis Classic for wash basins and bidets

Talis Classic basin taps convey elegance with their slender, tall base set. Their extended base adds visual stability, while the curved spout underlines their original charm. Talis Classic basin taps are available in three heights (ComfortZones 80, 90 and 230), so you can precisely tailor the clearance between spout and wash basin. The Natural model with open spout is quite the spectacle. Here, the water is visible as it flows to the edge of the spout. Add an elegant highlight to the bidet too, with the linear design and pin handle.

Talis Classic for showers and bath tubs

Enjoy water with the elegant and convenient Talis Classic on the bath tub and in the shower. You can choose an exposed installation on existing connections or a minimalist, space-saving concealed installation. Whatever you decide on: Talis Classic will attract attention in your bathroom.
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