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The most amazing water experiences

Discover the right shower for your personal wellbeing moment

No matter how you’re feeling, a shower can relax, soothe, energize, and wake you up. It’s where you can be yourself. Be how you’re feeling that day. Make the most of your moment with our Raindance and Crometta product ranges.

The Raindance and Crometta lines by comparison.

Which is the right range for me?

  • Raindance: Available in our six FinishPlus surfaces for individual bathroom design
  • Raindance: The innovative PowderRain spray mode transforms your shower in a wellness experience
  • Crometta: Ideal for renovation work thanks to simple installation
  • Crometta: Extra economical consumption with EcoSmart technology

Raindance: The gentle and unique shower experience

The Raindance and Crometta lines by comparison.
The microfine droplets envelop your body like a warm embrace.

Showering not only refreshes you, it lets you feel all your feelings. With our award-winning hand shower and the Raindance Select shower system with PowderRain, jumping into the shower becomes a sensuous experience. The innovative PowderRain spray mode envelops you in thousands of microfine droplets. For a feeling like a gentle summer rain.

What makes Raindance the right choice for you

Bring your personal wellness oasis home with you for a uniquely sensuous shower experience. Experience the benefits of Raindance Select with PowderRain: 

  • PowderRain spray mode: Six ultra-fine openings shape the single water jet and divide it into delicate microdroplets, for a velvety feeling on your skin
  • Rain spray mode: This powerful, invigorating rain spray revitalizes with a sparkling freshness and is the perfect start to your day 
  • Whirl spray mode: This dynamic massage spray has a targeted, activating effect on your skin and muscles
  • The QuickClean technology makes it easy to remove limescale deposits from the flexible silicone nozzles with your fingers
  • With the Select button, one click is all you need to change the spray mode on the hand shower
  • With the help of the six FinishPlus surface designs, you can customize your bathroom design according to your taste

Crometta: Truly great design for little money

The Raindance and Crometta lines by comparison.
Let your feelings run free and enjoy moments of pure joy.

Experience #AllMyFeels every day with Crometta. The uncomplicated upgrade makes entering the world of hansgrohe child’s play. The modern EcoSmart technology convinces with particularly economical consumption and, combined with the easy-to-clean chrome surface, ensures long-lasting quality.

Why you should pick Crometta

Stylish aesthetics meet an attractive price-performance ratio. Discover the advantages of our Crometta product range: 

  • XXL showering pleasure: The square 240 mm overhead shower comes in a modern design, ideal for a cool head or maximum relaxation

  • The shower system is especially renter-friendly due to its simple installation on existing connections 

  • EcoSmart technology consumes a maximum of 9 l/min, saving water and going easy on your wallet

  • The QuickClean technology makes it easy to remove limescale deposits from the flexible silicone nozzles with your fingers

  • The thermostat continuously controls water flow, pressure, and temperature. SafetyStop limits the temperature and prevents too-hot water from coming out of the shower

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