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How the BORA-hansgrohe cycling pros keep fit

The BORA-hansgrohe cycling team has set its sights on an ambitious health concept. The team’s experts have a logical focus on innovative recovery methods and a sophisticated diet. Result: The riders are fit and healthy and their consecutive wins show how effective the regime can be. The team is here to show you a few simple tips to speed up recovery and help you stay in shape.

Pascal Ackermann ist fit.

Staying fit all year-round is the name of the game – not just in cycling

Being at the peak of your mental and physical fitness is vital in professional sport. Yet world-class cyclists have added challenges to overcome. The riders are constantly exposed to extreme external factors, such as unpleasant weather conditions during training or the many hours spent jetting off to race locations, public transport or varying hygiene standards in the countries hosting major cycling events. And there’s also the fact that cyclists push themselves to the limits of the physically possible on a daily basis. This places significant strain on the mind and body.

‘Recovery’ is the magic word

If professional athletes get sick, they find it impossible to maintain their peak fitness and achieve the necessary results for the team – a catastrophe in elite sports. The BORA-hansgrohe cyclists have therefore made extensive expert knowledge in recovery and health protection a core part of their team philosophy and have called on the title sponsor to share its showering know-how. After the race, the exhausted team members can use hansgrohe spa showers as part of their cool-down routine.

But it’s not just the cycling pros who need to be at the top of their game – we all do, every day, in often challenging circumstances. Why not make your shower a feel-good fitness partner to boost vitality? Whether after a workout or a day at work, a showering routine that alternates between hot and cold water can work wonders when it comes to recovery.

Hot and cold showers: the perfect way to start the day 

Contrast showers can have a number of positive impacts, as the stimulation of the hot and cold water causes blood vessels to expand and contract. Health experts claim this has an indirect effect on the metabolism, circulation, internal body temperature, heart and mood. Admittedly, you do need to brace yourself for the cold part. But your whole body will be left feeling focused and alert – an amazing sensation. If you’re not yet used to cold showers, even lukewarm water (around 19 to 23 degrees Celsius) can have a positive effect.

Taking a contrast shower: How does it work?

  • Start with a nice warm or hot shower. But please don’t have it higher than 43 degrees Celsius.
  • Then turn the hand shower to cold and switch to a powerful jet. 
  • Start with the feet, preferably the outer side of the right foot – the body part furthest from your heart.
  • Guide the hand shower up the outer side of your body to your right hip.
  • Then move the shower slowly from your inner right thigh back down to your foot.
  • Now repeat this process with your left leg.
  • On your arms, start on the back of your right hand and move the shower slowly up to your shoulders. Start with the outer side, then the inner.
  • Repeat this whole process on the left arm.
  • Finish the hot and cold contrast shower with cold water.
  • Important: You must warm up your body immediately after showering. Dry yourself off properly and wrap yourself in a large, warm towel. Then embrace the feel-good sensation!

The BORA-hansgrohe team loves smoothies

​​​​​​​Robert Gorgos is the BORA-hansgrohe team’s nutritionist. In an interview, he revealed the food concept he uses to get the cycling pros through all the highs and lows. We take a closer look at his smoothies here. Ultimately, they can give all of us a delicious vitamin boost and our bodies a quick supply of energy and nutrients.
The basic recipe is always the same:
  • Blend fresh fruits with some water;
  • If you like, you can also add natural yoghurt or plant-based milk (almond or oat milk create a richer, tastier smoothie);
  • Throw in a pinch of salt for good measure.​​​​​​​

Which cyclist likes which vitamin boost?

Peter Sagan from the BORA-hansgrohe team in the kitchen.
Cycling star Peter Sagan from the BORA-hansgrohe team makes himself a smoothie. His tip to spice up this recipe: Pick 3 or 4 fresh mint leaves and blend.
Peter Sagan likes it minty fresh. His smoothie contains 1 banana, 2 plums and 4 strawberries. He makes it as follows:

  • Chop the fruit into small pieces (remove the stone from the plums first) and place in the blender;
  • Add 0.2l water and 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt;
  • Mix everything, blend well and enjoy cold.
Jempy Drucker and Felix Großschartner from BORA-hansgrohe.
Jempy Drucker and Felix Großschartner enjoy their smoothies. Their tip to spice it up: Pick rosemary or coriander and sprinkle over the smoothie or add these greens to the blender mix.
Tangy flavours keep you on your toes – Jempy Drucker and Felix Großschartner’s vitamin boost. You will need 1 grapefruit, 1 ripe mango and a handful of frozen raspberries for each smoothie. How to make: 
  • Peel the grapefruit, remove as much of the pith as possible and slice into four segments. Peel the mango, remove its seed and thinly slice it;
  • Place all the fruit in the blender;
  • Add 0.2l water (no milk because of the grapefruit);
  • Mix, blend, garnish with vanilla powder and enjoy cold.
The BORA-hansgrohe team with smoothies in the kitchen.
Cheers Maximilian, Patrick and Emanuel! The cycling pros have a blooming good tip for this healthy drink: Garnish with 3 or 4 lavender blossoms. Please leave out the bitter stem!
Maximilian Schachmann, Patrick Konrad and Emanuel Buchmann love a creamy smoothie. To make one of their smoothies, you will need 1 banana, 10 red grapes, a handful of raspberries and 5 almonds.
  • Thinly slice the banana and place all fruits and the almonds in the blender;
  • Add 0.2l water and 0.3l almond milk;
  • Mix everything, blend well and enjoy cold.
Rafal Majka and Rüdiger Selig prefer a subtle, nutty flavour. They each make their smoothie with 15 green grapes, 1 banana, 5 strawberries and a handful of hazelnuts.

  • Thinly slice the banana and place all fruits in the blender;
  • Add 0.2l water and 0.3l oat milk;
  • Mix everything, blend well and enjoy cold.

Sweetening tips from Rafal and Rüdiger: Add 1 teaspoon of runny honey, some cinnamon and mint leaves to the blender. If you like, you can also add rose petals from your garden. Caution: Do not use if your roses have been treated with pesticides or other harmful substances.


Strong team, healthy alliance

hansgrohe has been an official title sponsor of the BORA-hansgrohe professional cycling team since 2017. hansgrohe is proud to play a role in the success of this German team, especially as BORA-hansgrohe reflects the values that represent our company: innovation, team spirit, flexibility and ambition, along with deep mutual respect. 
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