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Current survey on the indoor climate and water damage

A survey* by the market research company Innofact commissioned by hansgrohe has revealed that just 78 percent of Germans between the ages of 25 and 69 regularly check their indoor climate, which can often have impacts on our health. And one in five complained of experiencing water damage with knock-on effects in the past. Water management systems such as hansgrohe Pontos are a smart solution to both problems.

Water safety in the bathroom with hansgrohe Pontos.
Home comforts and systematic safety: Water management systems such as hansgrohe Pontos can help to control the water flow at home at all times.

Worst-case scenario: flooding and water damage

Leaking water, or even a burst pipe, could be caused by many things: an incorrectly connected washing machine, dripping taps or leaking pipes. The worst consequences? Long-term structural damage. According to the representative survey by Innofact, one in two Germans between the ages of 25 and 69 have had to battle with water damage in the past.

Although one in two of those affected claim to have got everything under control in no time at all, one in five suffered major damage. The kind that requires extensive building work. And just under six percent had to deal with knock-on effects such as mould.

Nine out of ten Germans say they take precautions 

“The financial consequences of water damages are still enormous. Media reports claim insurance companies paid out €2.6 billion for water damage in 2017 alone,” says Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President of the Product Management & Product Engineering Business Unit at Hansgrohe. 

Almost all German citizens (88 percent) say they take preventative measures. The most popular prevention is regular drain cleaning (48 percent). More than a third (37 percent) inspect their windows, while a quarter have installed a non-return valve (23 percent). 

Only 50 percent of Germans take correct action in an emergency 

Although nine out of ten respondents claimed to know what to do in an emergency, just half would take correct action: Start by shutting off the water supply, then identify the source of the problem.

“Prevention is better than cure. But you should be thorough. The most extensive damage leaves behind sneaky pools of water. The kind you only notice after weeks or months,” Heisterhagen warns.

Poor air quality? The consequences of a bad indoor climate

Room temperature and humidity have a major impact on our health and well-being. “It is important to think about the indoor climate, especially if there are lots of people at home at the same time. You may all be working from home, for example,” says Marc André Palm, Head of Global Brand Marketing at Hansgrohe. 

  • In the home office, a poor climate has a direct impact on our performance. Many people don’t heat or ventilate the space adequately when working from home, so too much moisture builds up in the room.
  • In the kitchen, the right combination of temperature and humidity is key – it needs to be more on the cool and humid side to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. 
  • In the bedroom, the recommended humidity is between 40 and 60 percent; the ideal temperature is 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. If the air is too dry, it attacks our mucous membranes; if the air is too humid, it can cause mould. Both are extremely unhealthy.
  • In the children’s bedroom, healthy air is vital: It’s good to open the windows wide several times a day. Unlike adults, kids need it to be a bit warmer when they go to bed. A room temperature of 20 to 23 degrees Celsius is recommended for babies and infants.
  • In the living room, if the air is too dry, it can exacerbate skin ailments, such as eczema or psoriasis, and affect the respiratory system. 
  • In the bathroom, an imbalance in the climate can also lead to mould. If you don’t do anything about it, your property could become uninhabitable in the most extreme cases. Don’t let it get to that stage...

One in three would rather rely on their gut feeling 

In reality, around 15 percent of respondents find keeping an eye on the room temperature and humidity “too stressful”. 33 percent don’t use any kind of device to measure their indoor climate. On top of that, just under a third use a traditional thermometer. Although the Internet of Things is gradually becoming a bigger part of our lives, as little as one in eight of us use smart assistants, even though they have many advantages. 

Smart assistants aren’t yet that widespread

For more reassurance: Pontos Scout in the bedroom.
The Pontos Scout water sensors are placed in critical areas of your home, where they report information on humidity, room temperature and leaking water.

Digital water management systems are the solution to humidity problems at home. They detect hidden leaks in the basement, under cupboards or other inaccessible areas. Pontos by hansgrohe spots these in good time and helps you to respond quickly in emergencies. So you gain valuable time, can keep valuables out of the danger zones and protect the building’s structure.

How are Pontos products different? 

  • Pontos monitors the indoor climate and alerts the user if the limit values they have defined have been exceeded. 
  • Two components ensure ultimate safety: The Pontos Base is connected straight after the water meter, where it checks the pipelines for water leaks, detects unwanted consumption and shuts off the main water pipeline, if necessary. The round Pontos Scout moisture sensors can find and prevent damage caused by humidity, frost or unusual temperatures in good time.
  • With the hansgrohe home app, you can control water safety at home wherever you are – and monitor the climate with your smartphone when you’re not at home. If Pontos suspects damage, the system will send a notification to your phone immediately. 

* About the survey

For the current survey, the Hansgrohe Group and INNOFACT AG, a market research institute, polled 1,010 people between the ages of 25 and 69. The random sample is a representative distribution of the German population by age and gender. The independent online survey was conducted in March 2020.
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