iBox universal – a much-sought-after, multi-functional product


15 years of the Hansgrohe iBox universal

A thoroughly tried-and-tested, concealed multi-functional product

15 years of the iBox universal, which means: 15 years of concealed installation the easy way. Thanks to this multi-functional product from Hansgrohe, sanitary professionals can quickly and reliably install any products that need to be hidden very elegantly, behind the bathroom wall. This is an advantage for new builds, but also comes in handy when renovating bathrooms. If a bathroom needs to be updated to meet the needs of young or old alike, the installation unit really helps with adapting to the new scenario. Once fitted with the iBox universal, bathrooms can be modernised neatly and easily at a later stage. Thanks to the modular principle, plumbers can now install the same base set for over 400 different mixer variants from premium brands Hansgrohe and AXOR.

Who invented it? Hansgrohe.

The flexible box was launched in 2001 – and introduced to the experts in the trade for the very first time at the sanitary trade fair ISH in Frankfurt. Alois Schönweger, inventor of the iBox universal – and now Head of the Technical Service Centre at Hansgrohe – recalls: “The idea was simple and practical: an installation unit built into the wall, allowing plumbers to connect any type of fixture, without the need to turn the entire bathroom into a construction site every time.” To date, this little gem has notched up more than seven million sales all over the world. “A success that lots of companies have since tried to replicate.”

15 years of installation freedom

The iBox universal is ideally suited to meet everyday professional installation requirements. Designed for use with all common installation systems, connection types and fittings, the box is really easy to install. It can be built into the wall, installed on or in front of the wall, mounted on a support system, on prefabricated house installation plates or using a mounting rail set. A patented adjustment ring makes it possible to adjust the unit to fit walls of varying thickness. The iBox is also watertight and soundproof. A variety of accessories are available for problematic installation conditions.

Alois Schönweger, Hansgrohe Deutschland.

Alois Schönweger invented the iBox in 2001. ©: Joachim E. Roettgers GRAFFITI

Before and after: a facelift for a 15-year-old shower area


Renovation: the new thermostatic mixers and showers featuring Hansgrohe Select technology also fit the iBox universal. They function without the use of any electronics.

  • Old shower area with rotary controls.
  • Old thermostatic mixer with concealed iBox.
  • Dismantling the old thermostatic mixer.
  • Removing the old function block.
  • Inserting the new function block.
  • Installing the new concealed unit.
  • ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer, temperature controller.
  • Installing the new hose connection.
  • Hansgrohe Croma Select hand shower.
  • New shower area featuring ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer.

“One fits all” – great design flexibility and functionality for customers

Nowadays, a wide variety of pre-fab sets and applications are available for use with the iBox universal. As well as thermostatic mixers, shower and bath mixers, the multi-functional box also forms the basis for multi-jet overhead showers from the Hansgrohe shower range. For customers this means a wide range of designs and functions. They can achieve quick, neat modernisation and enjoy innovative comfort functions (e.g. with Select technology, see image gallery).

Planning security for sanitary professionals

Planning security is another great advantage: sanitary professionals can give their customers plenty of time, up until just prior to completion of the bathroom, to choose from a wide range of products. The plumber can also leave the decision as to which pre-fab set to use until the last minute, because the basic and functional units can be purchased, installed and fitted independently of each other. Yet another advantage: there is no risk of theft or damage to the functional components during the preconstruction phase, since the pre-fab set is not delivered until the final installation. This also eliminates the need for costly storage.

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