Basin mixers from Hansgrohe with CoolStart aned EcoSmart technology


Clever combination: CoolStart and EcoSmart

Use water and energy more efficiently with basin mixers from Hansgrohe

Cost-conscious and environmentally friendly use of the valuable resources of energy and water not only protects the environment, it also helps to reduce water/waste water and energy expenditure. Basin mixers from Hansgrohe, the bathroom and sanitation specialist, already come equipped with EcoSmart technology as standard. A special aerator limits the flow rate to around five litres per minute. And this comes with absolutely no compromise in terms of comfort, because the water is enriched with air, pampering the skin with the sensation of full-bodied water droplets. By way of comparison: a basin mixer without Hansgrohe's EcoSmart technology consumes around 13 litres per minute.

A new technology is available from the mixer specialists for those looking to make energy and hot water savings in addition to more economical water consumption. The incorporation of CoolStart technology, which Hansgrohe offers in model variants for its Metris, Talis and Focus ranges, has resulted in a clever combination of two technologies. In conventional basin mixers, mixed water is drawn when the mixer handle is in the central position. CoolStart ensures that only cold water flows when the handle is in the neutral, central position. This means that the pipe system is no longer filled unnecessarily with hot water and continuous flow heaters or circulation pumps need no longer be specially activated.

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